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Oct 9, 2007 10:40 PM

Onotria Pricing

Well, my friends are going because of a dance and we booked a table already but based on the prices that are on the menu on their site. It's kind of been bugging me but it's called summer07.pdf so does that mean the food and pricing are the same? Likewise, I've been to a few review sites that are saying the price is considered expensive! And well, my expensive is over $25. Whoever has gone recently give me a heads up because I don't want anyone spending more than $25 on an entree.

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  1. Plan on an expensive dinner(everything is ala carte) with a $25- corkage per bottle you can spend some serious $$ for a non-memorable meal. Can't wait to hear about their experience?
    We drive the extra 40 mins to LA for Angelini, All Angelo, Valentino, Palmeri or Pastina.

    1. Majority of the entree items are in the $15-25 range. Only things exceeding $25 is the $28 for veal filet mignon or the rack of lamb, and that 22 oz. rib eye for $55.

      I would say that menu is accurate in its prices. If the prices have increased, it wouldn't be by more than $1 or $2.

      1. I totally concur with Russ on this one. The money we paid for dinner belied the level of service and quality of the meal. Overpriced and unremarkable dinner. Even worse, the wine list was surprisingly not that impressive.

        1. It's good, but could be so much better. Oh well.