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Oct 9, 2007 08:38 PM

Delivery in the Quarter

I'm staying at the Renaissance Pere Marquette and am thinking that after a long day of work tomorrow I may need just to order in and watch tv. Room service here doesn't seem fantastic. Is there anyway nearby that delivers? Thanks!

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  1. Refresh my memory where this is in the quarter?

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    1. re: jamielynn

      The Renaissance Pere Marquette is in the CBD, 817 Common St. @ Carondelet.

      1. re: philmaur

        FYI (your not in the quarter your in the CBD and make sure they will cross canal)
        My first suggestion would be Verti Mart (any poboy but look up their specilty sandwiches - they are famous and talked about on this site often) Do a search on the New Orleans Board for Verti Mart for suggestions and comments.
        45 French Market Place; 1136 Decatur St., 528-9566
        808 Iberville St., 565-5520;

        Delivery is hard - good luck with these

        1. re: jamielynn

          There are a couple in the Warehouse District - the hotel will help you with them, although I think you're nuts to stay in New Orleans and order in!!

    2. Johnny's Po-Boys delivers in the quarter. They have been around for along time and are known for the amazing po-boys. We also had breakfast there, the catfish was done perfectly and the bisquit was amazing.

      Our hotel had a menu in our room. I have looked online and haven't been able to find one. Here is their info. . 511 St. Louis. 524-8129.

      Out of all the places that deliver, they seem to be the most "New Orleans". Try them, they are really good.