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Oct 9, 2007 08:37 PM

Save me from Mickey-D on the Mass Pike!

I was returning to the Boston area from NY via Rt 90 around dinner time, took the Berkshire Spur to the western end of the Mass Pike, and was appalled that the only hot "food" available at the first three service plazas eastbound was McDonald's. There didn't seem to be much more variety further east, either.

So does anyone have any suggestions for a reasonably quick and tasty dinner within a mile or two of the western exits, say up to Exit 5, or even off the Berkshire Spur? Chicken Selects, the least offensive item on the menu, are something I hope never to taste again.

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  1. Sorry- no rec's but wanted to comment as well.. the McD at the Charlton Plaza, Westbound, is the SLOWEST I have ever been to. It usually takes 5 minutes to get a cup of coffee. And that is with no other peole in line! They need some serious re organization...and at one point they told me I couldn't use my travel mug because of corporate policy!

    1. When I go that far out on the Pike, I get off at exit 2 (Lee) and drive for 5 min toward Lee and go to Joe's Diner. It's right where the road curves to the left. You won't be disappointed. Tuesday (I think), is homemade lemon merangue pie. Cheap!

      1. Just be glad you're not on the NY Thruway and have to stop at a Roy Rogers. At least McD's food is more or less edible!

        1. Where to eat near the Pike was an enduring despair for me too, but now..
          Try the Steaming Tender in Palmer. We did not try the dinners but the sandwiches are fine with decent draft beer. The space in an antique RR station is remarkable.
          3 minutes off the pike, R off the exit, L at the T and hard right immediately after the bridge over the tracks.