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Oct 9, 2007 08:24 PM

Family Friends (students) coming to town on a *tight* budget -- Need Rec's

I have family friends on a tight budget coming to town. I think I've got Ktown, Chinatown covered as the most obvious places to take them out. But don't want them to be stuck eating asian food for all 3 days they're here.

Having serious brain fart as to where to take them (aside from say, Joes Pizza for a slice, Bereket for falafel or Corner Bistro for burgers).

Would prefer $10-15 per person not including booze. Whichever cuisine fits their budget is fine by me.

Rec's in the outer boroughs welcome as well.

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  1. You might want to do a search of this site. There was a recent thread on college students and dining. There are probably threads on outer borough boards too.

    If they will be here on a weekend suggest brunch one or both days. Lots of choices and good on the budget.

    What neighborhood area? If you are downtown Barbarini on Front Street has high quality affordable lunch/dinner (more of a lunch place). Not a lot of seats it's a tiny place.

    Most prix fixe dinners will run in the $35 range (w/out tax, tip & bar).

    1. When we needed to eat extremely cheap with friends we usually took them to one of the Spice or Saigon Grill resturanats on University. Some other places we went to were Molly's for burgers, Grays Papya for the best hot dog in town and Lombardi's for pizza. Everyone always loved these.

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        I'll second Saigon Grill and add an Indian food on 6th street. Some people don't like those places, but it's super-cheap, and I think pretty good food. There are lots of joints with like, $8 prix-fixes, but I also like Ghandi for consistent good fare.

      2. Moustache in the West Village is very good and reasonably priced.

        1. Otto--you can get pizzas and pastas for under $15. Of course, if you start adding on apps, price will add up. Also 'ino/'inoteca.

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            I say you take them to Faicco's and let them build their own sandwiches for a lunch that would keep them full most of the day. For 10 bucks one can truly make an obscenely large and delicious sub. College students tend to eat a lot of sandwiches and will thus have a basis for comparison between the ordinary and the extraordinary in this case.