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Pumpkin Dishes in DC?

Anyone know of any restaurants in DC with interesting options featuring pumpkin -- pumpkin ravioli, pumpkin soup, and the like? Also, what about pumpkin beer? I've just have Post Road and Smuttynose but neither captured the right taste. Thanks!

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  1. I think pumpkin beer is just a gimmick, fortunately one that isn't pulled out but once a year.

    Afghan restaurants do some nice stew-like things with pumpkin in chunks.

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      The Helmand in Baltimore does some *very* tasty things with pumpkin year round. They have an appetizer made of pumpkin that is outrageous.

    2. Go to Simply Home and order what I think they call sauteed chicken and pumpkin. Very tasty.

      Simply Home
      1412 U St NW, Washington, DC 20009

      1. Bamian at Bailey's Crossroads has a wonderful pumpkin disk (both as a main dish and a side dish) called kadu. Highly addictive!

        1. Cap City normally has a pumpkin ale in the fall. Can't vouch for the quality as I don't drink beer.

          1. Ben and Jerry's currently has a pumpkin pie ice cream. I tried a little sampling of it last week. It's pretty tasty but I wasn't sure if I wanted a whole serving of it. Certainly tasted like frozen pumpkin pie though with a graham cracker swirl thing going on.

            1. Max's in Glover Park has their annual pumpkin ice cream. It's to die for - and this fall, it's been a great way to enjoy autumnal food even on a hot day!

              I think a lot of restaurants have been slow to change their menus, mainly because of the ongoing heat. But within a few weeks, we'll definitely start seeing a lot of pumpkin. Lia's had an amazing appetizer of pumpking ravioli with sage butter sauce and amaretti cookie crumbles last year that I hope, hope, hope makes it back on the menu.

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                Just out of curiosity - what did they charge for that?

                I keep pumpkin ravioli in my freezer and make that exact dish, so i'm curious! thanks :0

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                  I don't remember for certain. Probably 9 bucks or so. It was appetizer sized, four decent ravioli, and it made the perfect meal.

                  If you make that dish, then I'll be over at 8 tonight.

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                    heh I was going to make it tomorrow night, as I have both pumpkin and sweet cream ravioli in the freezer and i actually have sage on hand to make the butter. The amareti cookies are great, but a pain in the butt to find. they have them at Rodmans.

              2. Au Bon Pain has pumpkin soup.

                it's actually very tasty.

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                  I love that soup! Nicely seasoned and creamy and not too bad on the waistline.

                2. I have been looking for a pumpkin ravioli recipe, or pumpkin ravioli. I didn't see any at Litteri's when I was there. any thoughts?

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                    Italian Market normally has frozen pumpkin ravioli if I remember correctly. You could call ahead and ask though.

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                      where is the Italian market? I don't know it. (shock shock)

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                      I've seen it in the past at the Eastern Market fresh pasta stand.

                    3. I just got the weekly yelp email which happens to be about pumpkins, called Gourdzilla, King of the Yelps!, which pulls together lots of reviews about pumpkin dishes in the DC area -- FYI.

                      1. DCist recently had an article on all things pumpkin: http://dcist.com/2007/10/10/attack_of...

                        Also I just remebered that this time of year Filomena serves a deliciously large slice of their pumpkin cheesecake. I had it during Halloween last year and it was very tasty.

                        Also the P Street Whole Foods has a whole table in the bread/pastry area with various pumpkin things...pies, cakes, breads etc. Haven't tried any of them (since I prefer to make my own pumpkin pies) but everything looked pretty tasty, especially the bread with roasted pumpkin seeds on top.

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                          ...sigh...pumpkin gingerbread...
                          i heart le bon cafe

                        2. in mclean, near total wine on chain bridge road, a lebanese deli/grocer in the little strip mall on curran (?) has pumpkin kibbeh freshly made. good cheeses and decent pita, too