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Oct 9, 2007 08:19 PM

Good eats around Union Square

I am staying at a hotel on Union Square and looking for good spots to eat within walking distance. I particularly like good Chinese, Italian, Pizza, Mexican or whatever. Any great bars to visit?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Maybe these will help-

      Best Italian-
      Scala's Bistro
      432 Powell St

      230 California St.

      Cortez - nice upscale bar and good food
      Tunnel Top- 601 Bush Street -more divey neighborhood type of bar, good cocktails
      Bar Drake - in the lobby of Sir Francis Drake Hotel-more classic, lobby swanky style, great cocktails in the on Powell St at Post, close to Scala's Bistro
      Hidden Vine- Wine Bar
      620 Post St

      1. Chinese - Hunan Homes (622 Jackson) (simple but good -- not so touristy that no locals eat there, but not so authentic as to put off visitors)
        Mexican - Colibri (Geary between Mason and Taylor) (not Tex-Mex style, but more what you'd find in Mexico -- although in a trendy atmosphere. Tableside prep of guacamole, also great small plates like chicken tinga tostadas)
        Italian - Scala's (a more contemporary style, not red-sauce Italian-American)
        Italian - Fino (624 Post St.) (more traditional Italian-American, with house-made pastas and veal dishes)
        Pizza - Uncle Vito's (Bush and Powell) (basic American pizzeria)

        A fun atmosphere can be found on Belden Lane, with 7 different restaurants (French, Italian, Spanish, American) (between Bush and Pine, Kearny and Montgomery)

        Hope that helps!


        1. My favorite Union Square restaurants are Bar Crudo, Farmerbrown and Colibri. Fish & Farm just opened up but I haven't tried it yet.
          As for bars, I'm a fan of Rye, Cantina, the Ambassador and Bourbon & Branch (a speakeasy that requires a reservation)