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Oct 9, 2007 07:50 PM

Nice but "noisy" Restaurant Recommendation

I need to entertain a group of ~10 people next week. I'm looking for an upscale American "comfy" food menu, something like Sola, West Town Tavern, Erwin, etc.

The group is all guys, and after a few wines the noise level raises. Lots of laughter and table conversation. Sola would be a perfect environment with its volume, but we've been there.

I don't want a completely silent & sport jacket place, but I still want a very nice menu and wine list.

Thoughts? TIA.

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  1. A couple options:

    Coco Pazzo - it's not American, but the food is still upscale and comfy. It isn't terribly loud, but you can definitely be boisterous without bothering everyone else.

    Keefers - Really good food. I've been there when its been loud and when its been quieter (that was on a weekday). I don't know much about their wine list though.

    1. I think mk would be a perfect spot for you.

      1. Not sure if they could do 10, but blackbird gets pretty noisy.

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          I had thought about BB, but several of us have already been...and I was also concerned about the number like you.

        2. Naha or Zealous - because they can accommodate 10 and the food and wine offerings are top notch. And generally when I have been to both places, they are somewhat empty and I have felt like I had rule of the space.

          Cafe Spiaggia - because the wine and food is outstanding. Not sure if they can accommodate 10, but the noise level would be there.

          1. I had a magnificent feast at Rosebud Steakhouse last weekend. Truthfully, the noise is the reason I don't go there more often. I can't imagine a better place for 10 guys to have a grand time, and the food's terrific.