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Oct 9, 2007 07:41 PM

oktoberfest in NJ

can anyone recommend a restaurant that is serving up an oktoberfest type menu this month? I seemed to have missed some of the festivals already. Central-North Jersey preferred. Thanks

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  1. You "seemed to have missed" them because Oktoberfest traditionally occurs during the two and a half weeks or so before the first Sunday in October, so it's primarily a late September celebration.

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      Of course, but most American bars and restaurants celebrate Octoberfest in October. Plenty of fests in SJ til Nov.

    2. Lamplighter in Chester, NJ might still have theirs going on. Call them first.

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      1. re: njeggy1

        I went to the Lamplighter on Friday, and they were still doing it. They have a combo platter for $22 that includes Bratwurst, Knockwurst, Wienerschnitzel, Jaegarschnitzel, and Saurbraten.

      2. The Black Forest Inn in Stanhope has an Oktoberfest menu every weekend in October.

        1. The Sitting Duck in W Long Branch has a special Oktoberfest menu this month. I can't exactly recommend it, not having tried it. As a general rule the restaurant is perfectly adequate for lunch, less successful for dinner. But it might be fun.

          1. cmarie, the "Deutsche Club Clark" (German Club Clark) has almost a monthly fairly authentic Octoberfest (very nice Biergarten, Festhalle with Band and Dance, German Food) during the course of the summer. There is one more October 13th. Most of them are open to non-members for a $5 or so admission fee.
            If you like the idea of "Oktoberfest" you will absolutely enjoy these.


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              i went to the link, but i am not exactly sure what it is. I'mreally just looking for a local restaurant where I can get some good german fod & beer.