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Noodle Shop - Brookside KC

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I don't think it's been mentioned on Chowhound, but everyone needs to try the Noodle Shop at 59th & Holmes in Brookside. Opened by chef Dennis Kaniger, formerly of City Tavern, Harry's and, my favorite 1990's cutting edge KC spot, Venue, this is the most authentic Japanese restaurant to open in KC.

It has a limited menu from which you may mix and match noodle choices, broth, meats, tofu and vegetables. Other special noodle bowls are available from an overhead board. Side choices are made from a wonderful assortment of pickled vegetables. That's it. The space is bright, clean and in keeping with a Japanese theme, but not overdone. If it wasn't for the tables and counter seating filled with young Brookside families, it would easily fit into Tokyo or Kyoto (my limited Japanese experiences).

Go, pick up a crayon and make your choices,

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  1. Excellent. I will try it out this week. Have you been to "One Bite"? It is a very good Japanese grill.

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      Tell us more about "One Bite" and it's location.

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        "One Bite" is a hidden gem in southern Johnson CO. If you like good food, a pleasant atmosphere and great service, you will be a happy customer. They have a variety of things on the menu, including okonomi-yaki. My personal favorite item is the maki-maki. That is asparagus wrapped in bacon. The price point is also very good. You can download their menu and take a look at the items they offer.

        Address: 8602 West 133rd Street, Overland Park, KS 66213

    2. Just be aware that they close after lunch at 1:30. I was going to go for a late lunch, boy was I surprised. So I went to Po's Dumpling on 39th instead. Their loss.

      1. I've been the Noodle Shop twice and I've enjoyed it very much, it's fresh and healthy food. I like how they don't over season the broth but they do have 2 different kinds of chili powder and a ponzu sauce on each table if you need some extra seasoning. With the cool fall weather, it is really nice place to go if you're starting to feel a cold coming on.

        I took a bowl to work for the husband and they've thoughtfully kept the broth separate from the noodles/meat/veggies so it wouldn't be a soggy mess by the time he reheated it. They say if you call in by 8:30pmish, they can have it ready for pickup before they close. They don't have their liquor license yet, but hopefully soon.

        1. Please let me add to the noodle talk with a vote for Blue Koi on 39th Street near the med center

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            Blue Koi is one of my personal fav's. I really like their dumplings, they are the best! And, you MUST try the ants on a log. Very cozy atmosphere and an incredibly friendly staff.

          2. Thanks for the rec of the Noodle Shop. Do they serve traditional ramen broth, the pork based one, or do they offer different broths? Is there a menu online? This is where Sarah's used to be, right? Oh, the questions...

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              Hey amyzan, I've scanned a menu, here's a link:

              They have udon, somen and harasume noodle. I've only tried their udon because it's my favorite. The broth is either chicken, vegetarian and miso, so I guess it's not traditional ramen, but the bowls are enjoyable.

            2. How fun - we live in brookside (just moved from Chicago) and are looking for local dinner spots. And we LOVE noodles.

              1. Good, but not great. That is how I would describe my dining experience at "Noodle Shop". I met my friend for lunch at the this tucked away little spot. The good points include the service. The server was very attentive. The bad points include the food. I ordered the #1 bowl and my friend ordered the #3 bowl (see the menu linked below in this thread). We also got the pickled vegetable plate based on the servers recommendations. We both found the soup to be good, but a bit on the bland side. Luckily you can add ponzu sauce and spicy powder to taste. I really felt like the broth itself needed more salt. If you are looking for a light meal, this place would probably be a good choice. I just think it is a little lacking in flavor.

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                  We had lunch at the Noodle Shop today. We had the pickle assortment, which was wonderful. Each pickle had its own special qualities and flavor. We had the udon #1 and a special somen noodle with bang bang sauce and chicken. Both were delightful. The udon was as good as any we've had on the west coast in Japanese places. It had pork, chicken, a raw egg and fish cake. It was extremely flavorful, made more so by a little ponzu and togarashi. The pork was especially good.
                  The Bang Bang Chicken had just the right amount of heat and the chicken was succulent. We had iced tea that had a yuza or other citrus flavor that was kept refilled at all times. Our server was very good.
                  It's the kind of place I could go to again and again.