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Oct 9, 2007 06:27 PM

2nd Date: W. Vill for $75

Told you I'd be back. Five Points was a great suggestion for the first date but now on to something new. Looking for some place in the West Village vicinity where we can get a beer/glass of wine, an appetizer, and 2 entrees for ~$75. Still looking to keep it somewhat casual, something like Bar Pitti in atmosphere/pricing (though not necessarily Italian) but a bit more unique. Any suggestions? We're both good eaters but preferably no Indian or Chinese. Thanks!

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  1. How about Palma, a rustic Mediterranean/Southern Italian on Cornelia St.? Or possibly Salt (modern-but-casual American) on Macdougal St.? Both cute places that are intimate but not too romantic for a 2nd date, and within your price range. If you do choose Salt, make sure to call ahead and request a table that is not part of the communal space in the middle of the dining room (unless you want to be seated at the commubnal table, of course).

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      I've never liked the food or atmosphere at Palma, but agree with the suggestion of Salt (if you can get a good table).

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        Salt's not a bad recommendation...what about August? Or maybe August is better as a third date (the morning after for brunch)?

      2. Cuba could be fun. I think it's on Thompson (or Sullivan?) I had apps & drinks there and really liked it. Mojitos are more fun ;-)

        1. I'd suggest Employees Only. OK, you couldn't get drinks+1app+2entrees for $75, but you could drink and do some serious nibbling. It's a really good 2nd date place.

          At Fatty Crab you could absolutely get good beers+apps/entrees for $75.

          1. Weather permitting, I'd head over to the back patio at La Lanterna Caffe. They've got a great wine list and tasty appetizers. The atmosphere is charming and romantic.



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              Employees Only and Salt look nice, but a bit expensive (at least thinking in my head what I would order, I'd expect to go over $100), and La Lanterna looks like its mostly a pizza/panini place unless I'm missing something.

              Palma sounds like a solid suggestion, but I'm seeing some posts on the board here about bad service?

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                if yr willing to do italian, da andrea is cheap considering the quality and a great restaurant all around.

                'ino on bedford is cheap and a bit on the crowded side but the food is amazing, its a great little scene, and you get to know the other pretty well.

                then there's snack taverna...

            2. Malatesta - it's another Italian suggestion, and definitely in your price range. It's way far west on Christopher, which makes it a fun discovery, I think. It manages to be cozy and airy at the same time - rustic w/ big open windows. I've found the apps, wine, pastas and desserts all to be really great. It's all very shareable, too. The piadinas are delicious and cheap.

              And that makes me think of Piadina, also Italian and in your price range. It's on w10th between 6th & 7th aves. It's darker, more romantic, and has a very similar menu to Malatesta. Cash only :(

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                I second Malatesta, candlelit and romantic-ish, reasonably priced/good food. Even an extra beer/wine won't blow your budget.