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best ethiopian in berkeley?

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Where's the best place to get ethiopian in walking distance of the gourmet ghetto/downtown berkeley.


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    Robert Lauriston

    Blue Nile and Finfine are closest.

    1. According to Yelp, Blue Nile is now closed. Fin Fine (Telegraph & Blake) is your closest option. I don't think it's too far to walk but some might, so you might want to take a look at a mapping website so you get a feel for how far away it is.

      1. I know you said walking, but Cafe Coluchi is so much better. You could just jump on BART, get off at Ashby and walk up to Telegraph and Alcatraz. It really is worth it.

        1. I have to agree about CAfe Coluchi. REally good Ethipian and not too far away at all.

          1. I like Cafe Colucci. Haven't tried Finfine'.

            1. Get thee to cafe eritrea near 40th and telegraph, immediately

              it's in oakland and a little sketchy (the outside neighborhood) but this is the best food in the eritrean/ethiopian area of oakland's telegraph ave.

              check out the history of the place on the menu too, amazing


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                Yes this is THE place for me in the East Bay. My absolute favorite place for Horn of Africa food. My kid's dad (also Ethiopian) likes it quite a deal.

                Huge servings for a very reasonable price.

              2. Having been to three of the above -- the sadly defunct Blue Nile, Finfine, and Cafe Colucci -- I'd go with Cafe Colucci. My impression was that Finfine was significantly more expensive for the portion sizes and the flavors were less complex than at the Blue Nile or at Cafe Colucci.

                1. Went to Cafe Colucci this past Friday - we got the meat combo and the shouro combo. Favorite of the meats was Minchet Abish Wot - ground beef with a very savory sauce, so much that husband ordered a second order of that dish. Mitten Shouro was the best of the veggie dishes but they didn't measure up to Axum in SF (my ethiopian standard). Fresh mango juice was augmented with honey, which tasted fine but was weird because mango juice should be plenty sweet enough. Service was super-friendly, although it was early for dinner and the place was otherwise completly and surprisingly empty. (it was a holiday weekend, granted)

                  1. Has anyone tried the ethiopean cafe on 40th, just on the opposite side of Hwy 24 from the MacArthur BART station (towards Emeryville)? Can't recall the name, but it's in a nice new looking building surrounded by a not so nice neighborhood.

                    I stopped in for coffee (which was pretty good) but had already had lunch. There's all kinds of stuff (pastas, sandwiches, etc.) on the menu but the limited selection of ethiopean food looked good.