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Bakery Referral, Please

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I'll be in Austin in early November and need to have a photo cake made in a hurry (in an afternoon, basically). I'm not too concerned with the quality because it is a cake being given in jest. Can anyone make recommendations? We'll be staying at a hotel downtown.

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    1. Your best bet would probably be the Wal*Mart bakery actually. Just MapQuest the closest Wal*Mart, and give them a call to make sure they can do what you need in that time-frame. They're cakes are nothing special in taste, but they're not bad... just box mix cakes and the typical powdered sugar/shortening frosting.

      1. All In One Bake Shop on Research at Peyton Gin exit...

        1. I'm not recommending a photo cake (though have had one from Lucy's before) yet would recommend a professional home made cake from The Kitchen Door... They are great for original and personally made cakes.

          1. This post reminds me of a time that a coworker went to HEB to have a seminude photo of the glitter era David Bowie put on a birthday cake only to be rebuffed for reasons of moral outrage by an older lady behind the bakery counter.

            BTW, what does the photo frosting taste like? I just imagine it's like having a pen explode in your mouth while sucking on a sugar cube.

            1. I had one made at a United Grocery Store in Abilene when I was in college, so I would imagine any local HEB would do it. Perhaps you could call ahead of time and mail the photo in -- I doubt they could do it in one afternoon as they will have to scan the photo, bake the cake then let it cool etc before frosting. We ate it, it's just sugar and food coloring.

              Since you don't care about quality, I wouldn't mess with any local bakeries.

              1. Fiesta at E 38th & I-35 used to do that.

                1. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions! Love the Bowie story, but our subject is fully dressed.