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Oct 9, 2007 06:12 PM

Bakery Referral, Please

I'll be in Austin in early November and need to have a photo cake made in a hurry (in an afternoon, basically). I'm not too concerned with the quality because it is a cake being given in jest. Can anyone make recommendations? We'll be staying at a hotel downtown.

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    1. Your best bet would probably be the Wal*Mart bakery actually. Just MapQuest the closest Wal*Mart, and give them a call to make sure they can do what you need in that time-frame. They're cakes are nothing special in taste, but they're not bad... just box mix cakes and the typical powdered sugar/shortening frosting.

      1. All In One Bake Shop on Research at Peyton Gin exit...

        1. I'm not recommending a photo cake (though have had one from Lucy's before) yet would recommend a professional home made cake from The Kitchen Door... They are great for original and personally made cakes.

          1. This post reminds me of a time that a coworker went to HEB to have a seminude photo of the glitter era David Bowie put on a birthday cake only to be rebuffed for reasons of moral outrage by an older lady behind the bakery counter.

            BTW, what does the photo frosting taste like? I just imagine it's like having a pen explode in your mouth while sucking on a sugar cube.