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Best Mac and Cheese

What makes it the best. . super rich and creamy.

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    1. I don't know if it's the best but I had excellent baked mac and cheese with a variety of cheeses at NoLita House...but I'm no mac and cheese expert, I still love velveeta out of the box

      1. It doesn't meet the poster's description of "super rich and creamy", but I just recently had the "Macaroni pie" at Ali's Roti on Flatbush, and I thought it was excellent stuff. It was served in room-temperature squares that were so densely packed that you could pick them up and eat them with your hands. A nice cheesy baked crust on top that was thin enough not to be leathery, and a sort of eggy cheesiness that washes out from the pasta as you chew... pretty great stuff. Vaguely reminiscent of some of the really great mac 'n' cheese you find down South, or in Texas: soulful stuff. And the roti's not bad, either (especially if you ask for plenty of hot sauce).

        1. Blue Smoke rocks the mac and cheese!

          1. wowwow
            You might enjoy this site which lists what the author refers to as the NY's top places for Mac and Cheese. It generated so much debate that there was a followup with additional places. I hope you find it interesting.:-}


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              I'm glad you posted the Gridskipper map. I tried the Artisanal mac and cheese and it was amazing, very rich. Not your traditional crust on top kind, though.

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                I'm glad you found one that you liked.:-} I think my dream job would be to eat my way through all the Mac 'n cheese reccs. Of course, I'd be the size of Delaware, but it would be a fun journey

            2. Pies - N - Thighs, Williamsburg, BK. Their mac and cheese is to die for, but they do serve it with hot sauce so tell them to hold it if that's not your thing.

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                My fiance swears by the Mac and Cheese at Dumont Burger in Williamburg.

                1. I like the mac and cheese at City Bakery. The cream is never soupy, the mac is never dry, and it has a nice sorta crispy cheese layer on top...

                  1. Lately I've been loving the mac and cheese at Casellula.

                    1. Little Giant on Orchard in the LES (comes with bacon). Dumont/Dumont Burger has a pretty decent mac n' cheese but I prefer Little Giant's.

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                        IMHO, I love every single thing about Little Giant, but their mac and cheese almost made me not go back after the first time I had it. I just resolved never to order it again. I'm trying to remember why I had such a visceral reaction... maybe the crust was burnt? Stick to the biscuits there.

                        If you're in the LES, Schiller's makes a great version also with bacon (the thick slab variety). A little noisier than Little Giant, but it's a sacrifice...

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                          Hrm strange. Where you there recently? Over the past month I think they have changed the kitchen staff or maybe I had one too many and thought it was amazing.

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                            We were there for the first time a couple of weeks ago and thought everything was mediocre at best. It's a shame because we liked the space. The food was just okay. Sticky Toffee Pudding for dessert was pretty good though.

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                              Yeah I've been back to LG many times, but never felt brave enough to give it a second chance since I think everything on their menu is so amazing... the chicken liver pate has appeared in my dreams. But, next time I'm there I'll rally the troops and see if they were just having an off night that first time.

                      2. Also went to Loft the other week. And although it was probably the only good thing on the menu, the mac with truffles was great.

                        1. Given my login name I feel obliged to reply. My 3 favorites are Westville, Schiller's, and DuMont. I'm happy reading this post - now I have some new places to try!

                          1. The mac and cheese at Hudson Cafeteria is awesome.

                            1. For Brooklyn mac and cheese, the Caribbean places in Lefferts Gardens and Crown Heights are fantastic. Some of them call it "macaroni pie."

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                                They make a tasty version in those places, but a bit dry