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Oct 9, 2007 06:04 PM

Vin in Towson

Hi everyone,

I read a number of negative reviews of Vin in Towson. But most of these were dated from the summer of '06. Has anyone been back lately? From what I've read, I don't think many people were falling over themselves to head back there, but surely someone has been there in the past few months. Has it improved at all?

I have a business dinner I'm hosting. It's going to be casual so I don't think I'll mind the noise of Vin, but if I'm going to go out for dinner it might as well be a good experience, right?

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  1. I'll bite.

    I have been to Vin twice this year. I have no probelms with the place. The food that my wife and I have had has been good and I have enjoyed myself both times.

    When Vin first opened there was a great deal of buzz becuase it was a "downtown vibe" restaurant in Towson. I think this created unrealistic expectations. I think it is also fair to say that Vin is slightly overpriced (especially if you are unimpressed with the flat screens and sound system). I know this is really a lukewarm sounding discussion but my food has always been good and the mini deserts which allow you to sample are a pretty cool novelty.

    With all of that said, If I was looking for a noisy place in that general part of town and price range- I would probably go to Petit Louis

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      Thanks for the feedback. I ran it by our group and they all wanted to try it, so I'll let you know how it goes!

    2. Well it was the end of Restaurant Week (summer 2007) and we thought we would try out their dinner for $30.07. VIN features American cuisine with southern European influences. The decor is very modern and is great! Dark browns with brilliant reds! They also have TVs that have a slideshow of very bright flowers and other modern artwork set to a very nice modern classical music.

      We checked out the special menu before we went and found some yummy sounding things. However when we got there we where surprised to see they added some more items that sounded just as yummy!

      Some people started with the Tomato Soup-Smooth tomato broth & grilled cheese crouton (I didn't try it but they said it was good). I had a added soup of coconut lemon grass broth- it was very good and spicy!

      We all had the Hanger Steak-a cut so delicious the butcher kept it for himself, with cheesy mash, grilled asparagus and bleu butter. Now my Hubby said his was tough but mine was melt in your mouth perfect! The cheesy mash was so smooth and ha d a perfect flavor. The asparagus was perfectly cooked with a nice crunch to it still.

      For desert we got to pick one of the items off the World's Tiniest Dessert Menu- which each item cam was about 4-5 bites worth of it. I had the Blackberry Créme Brulée- which was perfect all the way around, it wasn't runny or bland! My Hubby had the Chocolate Ganache Cake-Cocoa dusted with a créam chantilly. The other person had the Melted Apple crisp-Cardamom ice cream.

      Overall I was impressed. It was great to try the place out during restaurant week because other wise all the entrees around $30 each. You can also park for free at the parking lot across the street from them. They are part of opentable.com