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Oct 9, 2007 05:52 PM

Good gelato in Bucks/Mont. Co?

I know by now we are getting out of the season for this, but does anyone know of any places in the Bucks or Mont. County areas that serve good/authentic gelato? There is a great place in Princeton called the Bent Spoon, but that is about 40 minutes from us so I'm hoping perhaps someone knows of someplace closer?

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  1. someone told me about a really great place in Ambler, down the street from Deck's hardware. I don't know more tho, sorry.

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      The place in Ambler is called Toto's and it is so delicous. It is a small restored home that is now a small italian deli/coffe shop/gelateria (is that a word?). They have great flavors, I'm partial to their Baci (chocolate/hazelnut) and Donatella (chocolate/macadamia nut). They also have a great blood orange, limoncello, and mango (delicous when you try them together). Great atmosphere, the owners are usually there and are so nice. Love that place!

      Also second the Bent Spoon in princeton. Their spicy chocolate is to die for!

    2. There's an excellent place in the Flourtown Farmer's Market. The same gelato is also sold at Caspian Grill in Lafayette Hill. Ali who runs Caspian also has a booth at the Flourtown Farmer's market.

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        Sadness...the gelato place at Flourtown Farmer's Market is closed. There's just a big gaping space now. I do not know if they have the gelato at Caspian Grill anymore though.

      2. Awesome! I think my husband and daughter and I may take a little trip there tonight!

        Amblergirl, I LOVE anything that combines chocolate and hazelnut so the Baci is right up my alley!

        I love the Earl Grey Chocolate at the Bent Spoon. It's my favorite!

        1. Well, we tried Toto's the other night -- LOVED their gelato! My husband and I had the Choc./Hazelnut and Tiramusu flavors and both were terrific! I also sampled a spoonful of the Green Apple and liked that, also. Thanks so much for the suggestions!

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            I just have to say, it's not in Bucks, but Capogiro in downtown Philly (two locations) is the best gelato anywhere. Seriously. Unbelievable flavors.

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              I have heard of it, but never made the trip. I have several friends who absolutely rave about it and the flavors on their website sound incredible!