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Oct 9, 2007 05:10 PM

Boujadi - still in business?

I was driving along Eglinton West last week when I noticed a "For Sale" sign on the window of Boujadi restaurant - or at least I think it was Boujadi - was I imagining this or are the owners really looking to sell the resto? Does anyone know or has anyone been there recently?

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  1. I drove past this morning, and there was no 'for sale' sign in the window. A framing store, 2 doors west had a 'for lease' sign. Maybe that's what you saw, berbere.

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      Thanks for the detective work, Yongeman. It's good to know Boujadi is still there.

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            can you provide details? closed for good or for renos... may I ask what your source is for this info?

            1. re: berbere

              Go here http://www.boujadi.com/index.html and call the number, you will get a voice mail which says "they won't be open for sometime" whatever that means.

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                Just called the number-& FD is correct-I hope nothing bad has happened to the chef/owner..

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                  As usual, I drove to work past Boujadi. Yesterday, I noticed a "Business For Sale" sign in the window.

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                    Oddly, as of one week ago, the tables are all set as they would normally be. It's as if they left the restaurant one evening expecting to reopen the next day.

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                      Perhaps there was a family or health issue.

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                        Yes- that's what we saw last Sunday- no "business for sale sign"- and as you say Jean Georges, everything is set up, but no one's in the kitchen.

                        Think I'll ask around and see if anyone's heard anything.

        1. So? Has anyone heard anymore about Boujadi? There is a "Buiness for Sale" sign in the window and the message does say "we are closed for some time". Does anyone know if in fact they are going to reopen? I hope so!

          1. It seems unlikely that they would be reopening. I don't have any inside info, but the sequence of events suggests that it might be an illness or exhaustion issue.

            Does anyone know of any other good Moroccan food in central Toronto? All I can think of are Cafe Maroc on front (a horrible tourist trap) and Djerba Ladouce on Danforth (great food, but very quirky and not really Moroccan).

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              Hey embee--do you know King Falafel at Bathurst and Eglinton? I know that the family who runs it is Moroccan. In addition to falafel, shawarma etc., they have a lentil (?) soup and apparently make couscous once a week. I haven't tried these dishes, but you may want to check it out.

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                Well I went by Qi Foods next door and they said "retirement".

                Not sure if it was a choice or not..

            2. This was posted in Now magazine

              After a successful 13 year run — first at Eglinton and Mt. Pleasant, than later over on Eglinton west of Bathurst — Boujadi, Toronto’s only Morrocan restaurant, has called it a day. To say goodbye, owner/chef Charles Obadia has just posted the following message in the front window of his popular eatery.

              “Boujadi is now officially closed due to retirement. I want to thank everyone who came to share our cuisine and atmosphere. Your compliments and good word of mouth I will miss enormously. The humming, the buzzing and the laughs of a satisfied crowd.

              From Charles, Dahlia and the family…


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                You would think that Now could spell "Moroccan" correctly.

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                  thanks deblite, the sign is gone now and the as it seems the pic I took of the sign was removed from this thread..

                  goodbye boujadi!