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Oct 9, 2007 05:07 PM

[Myrtle Beach]

What's the nicest restaurant in Mrytle Beach? A foodie restaurant.Either steak or seafood (or both) or something new and completely different. Thank you! I'll be a first time visitor to MB in November.

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  1. If you like lots pf protein, prepared to perfection then Rioz is hard to beat. It is a Brazilian steakhouse. I have been to several others and this is my favorite. Everything here is excellent. Set price of $35 covers everything except alcohol, 16 kinds of meat.

    1. Try SeaCaptains House. Awesome seafood!!! Excellant atmosphere as well. I'm sure you can find them online

      1. How about Parson's Table? Maybe not Foodie enough, but pretty good.

        Actually it is in Lttle River, not too far a drive at least from NMB.

        Here are a couple more to check out menus:

        I know, lots of Italian, but that's what I love.

        Didn't get to Bodo's (German) last year, but will try next month. It is down near the old pavillian I do believe. Here's a review or two:


        I'll also be there in Nov, and plan on trying this place again.