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Oct 9, 2007 05:06 PM

Seattle Taco Trucks

Does anyone remember a P-I article featuring local taco trucks a few years back? I'm trying to track down some taco trucks and seem to recall a map or guide to Seattle area lunchwagons. If anyone recalls the article or has any suggestions about their favorite taco trucks I would love to hear about them. Thanks!

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  1. My friend runs this not-so-up-to-date site.

    It doesn't include the Taco Trucks on 45th, one of the ones up in Shoreline on Aurora (one is there), one of the ones on Rainier (by Graham), and one on MLK (also on Graham).

    Also, I'll bet there's some good ones in White Center or South Park that he's neglecting, not to mention the one that is sometimes there over by MSFT.

    In fact, this site is horrendously out of date...
    I'll tell my friend to get his ass on it.

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    1. re: GreenYoshi

      Wow - thanks,that's a great place to start. It's similar to a project I'm putting together for my own reference/blog. Where is this taco truck on 45th? I heard there's one in Wallingford, I think near the JiffyLube - is that the one?

      1. re: Hanads

        Sounds like you need more references. See this post, which includes several that are not mentioned on that site:

        1. re: Hanads

          the one on 45th is rancho bravo--right by dicks and the donut house. it rules, and is also open until 2 on the weekends.

          1. re: donita.reason

            2:30 actually.
            (perfect if you miss the ruthless Dick's cutoff)

      2. I like the one that used to be at the 76 gas station on 148th and 29th in Redmond ( not exactly Seattle). They moved a few minutes north, if I recall.

        In Bothell, one of the taco trucks went high end and moved into a storefront next to Applebee's in Canyon Park. Good tortas and still the same price as their previous truck.

        In Seattle, I like the one on Rainier south of Borracchini's by the tire/car junkyard. Always a line there no matter what day it is.

        I've been told (by a truck connoiseur who frequents them up and down the west coast) that the best one around here is right off the Old Nisqually exit on I-5 near Lacey/Olympia. Last time I tried going there, it was closed on Sundays.

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        1. re: HungWeiLo

          "76 gas station on 148th and 29th in Redmond"

          Did they move to lot by the Microsoft company store?

          1. re: GreenYoshi

            Yes, they're in the parking lot of the VFW lodge. They also have a sit-down restaurant location now on NE 8th just east of Crossroads which serves all the taco truck food at the same prices, plus a few extra items.

          2. re: HungWeiLo

            I've been to the one at the Old Nisqually exit (on the east side of the freeway, parked between the freeway and a couple of gas stations and a cafe) and I can confirm--the food is excellent!

          3. recently came out with a list of Taco Trucks around Seattle. Not sure how many are duplicates from the ones alread listed:

            1. has anyone tried the taco truck in the parking lot of the gas station (with the drive thru starbucks) close to northgate mall?

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              1. re: amyb

                That is La Pasadita, I believe. See the post I linked above.

                1. re: amyb

                  Yes, I think equinoise is right on the name. I love their tacos. They're the small ones so eating four or five isn't absurd. Well, maybe it is, but it's very doable. I've yet to branch out because I like the tacos so much, but everything I've seen others order looks good.