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Amarone (Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood)

Anyone been to Amarone yet? Had dinner there with my hubby last Sunday and had a really great time. Very intimate and cozy... they keep it strictly Italian (owners and executive chef are Italian). Same quality (if not better) as their competitor, Il Sole, but at about half the price. They've only done the soft opening so far, to test stuff out and iron any kinks, but there's a lot of potential in this place.

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  1. Yes! My husband and I just came back from Italy and had a craving for decent Italian food. I tried their pomodoro sauce and it was even better than in Italy. Great wine list, warm atmosphere, no attitude...it was delightful.

    1. WOW!!!!

      I am a freak for the new, so, when I saw these notices, I RAN to try Amarone. I wasn't disappointed. It was great.

      Fantastic grilled calmari, pork (?!) milanese and tagliatelle bolognese produced by two super nice guys from Bologna. Great bread/olio and sun-dried tomato/mortadella/olive appy plate, served with complimentary prosecco. All in a lovely atmo with VERY (make that SUPER) reasonable prices ($100 for two sans tip including a bottle of Amarone).

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        What's the atmosphere like? Is it a cramped space? Thinking of going there with a friend tonight.

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          small but definately not cramped.

      2. I am now 3 visits into a love affair with the place.

        The rigatoni with pomodoro/ricootta salata was fantastic as well as a swordfish carpaccio.

        1. I very much enjoyed my impromptu visit last Friday. Everyone on the staff was so friendly and helpful. They guided us to an excellent wine, tasty entrees, and gave us a sampler of appetizers, all reasonably priced. My only regret is that I wasn't hungrier when I arrived!

          They're still working out the kinks in terms of service, but in a good way--we had a whole lot of attention from both server and owner as they bumped into each other and tried to make sure everyone at our table was taken care of. That's destined to smooth out and then Amarone will be the neighborhood Italian this stretch of WeHo so badly needs.

          1. We have been eating at Amarone at least once a week since it opened and can"t recommend it strongly enough. The food is excelent with a superior selection of wines. We have sampled most of the menu and haven"t found anything disappointing. Not on the menu, but usually available, is a wonderful version of split pea soup. Its a great place to order a large selecton of dishes, course it out, and share.

            The owner takes care of you personally. We usually just go and let him tell us what we should have that night, especially when it comes to selecting an itallian wine to complement our selections.

            You have to try the Amarone at least once and save room for dessert!!

            1. My hubby and I are going for our 5th anniversary this Saturday. I'll report back. I'm so excited! There was a great write-up in the LA Times Food section last Wednesday...

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                I'm in love with this place. Went last Saturday and had a fantastic time. They are so generous and it shows in their service, their hospitality, their portions, and their food. We had complimentary glasses of Prosecco, bubbly and not too sweet. An amuse of tuna tartare in truffle oil (not my fav.) Appetizers of tuna carpaccio with mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes and green onions, and grilled octupus tentacles, with canellini beans and kind of the same garnishes as the above. I had the spaghetti with lobster special which was really delicious in a light tomato sauce, with bug hunks of lobster throughout. Hubby had the roasted branzino (big portion) with mixed baby veggies and roasted potatoes and oyster mushrooms. Complimentary dessert (panna cotta--very vanilla-ey and not too sweet) with complimentary glasses of moscato. Bill came to $145 with 2 additional glasses of prosecco, one glass of white, one glass of red, and an additional glass of moscato. It was the best Italian dining experience I've had since Valentino 6 years ago. Alessandro, the host, is very gracious and loves talking about the food. We went at 5:30 and it was not crowded nor was traffic horrible. There was parking in the back. Bread was served with complimentary anchovies, roasted red peppers, and great pitted olives.

              2. Amarone is a very legit restaurant

                I reviewed it very thoroughly on yelp.