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Oct 9, 2007 05:01 PM

Best Happy Hour place to host mixer in Downtown LA

I'm trying to find a great place to host a happy hour mixer for a young professionals group.

Anyone know of any places that are group friendly and budget friendly?

I've talked to Blue Velvet and they really need to take the stick out of their ass... wanted to charge me a space rental fee for bringing 30 money-spending patrons to their bar on a Wednesday.

If you know of any great places to host 30 people with great prices on food, I'd appreciate it.

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    1. re: SauceSupreme

      I really like Library but their space is frankly too small to have an additional 30 people there during happy hour and they have no food menu (unless WP nextdoor). Plus the parking is difficult there. Thanks though Sauce

    2. Weiland's Brewery? Or maybe the Bonaventure Brewing Co.? Cuidad might work as well.

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      1. re: ipsedixit

        I like the Weiland's at 5th/Flower better for larger groups, but the Little Tokyo one better overall.

        I think Bonaventure's actual happy hour prices only apply if you sit at the bar itself.

      2. try blue dahlia in the arts district. it might be kinda limited on the food side but they have a great wine bar and a sweet space.

        1. I think Pete's bar and grill is good on 4th and Main. I liked the food and they have a happy hour. I also like the ambience, it's a cool place and they have room for 30.

          1. The Edison (2nd and Main) has lots of space and from 5pm to 8pm their drink menu is half off I believe. And generally you get a young professional crowd there.

            Blue Velvet sucks for happy hour.

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            1. re: roobnla

              Unfortunately The Edison is terribly for a group looking to stay within budget. Happy hour beer = $4? That's not a deal. Definitely a beautiful venue, though, and gigantic enough for 100 if you wanted.

              You can get 30 into Oiwake and beer is cheap, but the food is mediocre at best. ZenCu sushi does cheap sushi and beer.

              1. re: MeAndroo

                ZenCu is a really good rec. They have $2 Kirin (or is it $1) and good food and sushi. They have half off sushi all day and the beer special is all day so they don't have a happy hour per se. I went after work and it was dead so I think they would be accommodating.

                Redwood- I really like this place. Dont know how they are with groups but they have a back room. The food is great (for a bar) and the drinks are well priced. The pirate theme makes it fun without being weird.

                Bonaventure Brewing Co. has their new outdoor patio which could accommodate your group. Their happy is decent with $4 pints and half off appetizers.

                Weilands on Flower is good too- its empty after work and they have a good selection of beers. Its a new space but the HH food is horrible IMO.

                Nic and Stefs- They have a outdoor patio that could be blocked off. Decent happy hour food (steak sandwich, wings, chips, etc) and nice view when it gets darker.

                1. re: kek is khmer

                  @ Weiland's, I usually just get a chicken quesadilla and some garlic fries and am pretty satisfied. The fries are pretty divisive, though, because they're really limp and skinny, but packed full of garlicky goodness. I didn't care for the crab cakes, calimari, or wings.

                  1. re: MeAndroo

                    I was specifically referring to Weiland's spring rolls. If you like the powerful and enticing duo of sogginess and tang, then thats your place.

                    1. re: kek is khmer

                      Haha I see. Ironically, the sogginess in the garlic fries is one of the things I enjoy about them. But I can certainly see how that'd be undesirable in spring rolls, no matter how soggy the season of the same name.

              2. re: roobnla

                As good looking as the Edison is, their system for setting up large parties such as yours is ABSOLUTELY ATROCIOUS! I attempted to book one of their rooms for a party of 80 people for my birthday (and a $5000 open bar tab for my guests) and they REFUSED to talk to me over the phone until I filled out their stupid reservations form!! Why the hell can't I just talk to a person, book the date, give them my credit card number and deposit and be done with it?!?! Very frustrating and disappointing to see a potentially great place shoot themselves in the head with amateur policies stemming from poor, fundamental customer service.