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Oct 9, 2007 04:40 PM

two women in paris on a friday night

fellow hounds, here is the mission: we have both been to paris several times, one of us more than the other. one is a non-carnivore, fish and seafood just fine, the other will eat anything. we're going to a bday dinner on sat night that is out of our hands, thought we'd go off on our own on friday night. i have not been to paris in two years but was sort of happy to see that a lot of places i've been are still high on everyone's list. we are staying on the rue de montalembert (is that 6th or 7th, i forget), looking for a comfortable fri night place that will not break the bank, maybe 100 euros for two w/a bottle of decent wine. and i'd prefer not to trek across town when i am still jet lagged. i've been to fish and ze kitchen galerie and love them both. based on what i'm reading, what are thoughts on l'ami jean, le bistrot paul bert, au fil de saisons, la bastide odeon, le reminet, or mon vieil ami? and where is chez denise? also looking at la cagouille, le comptoir (that may be too pricey for us). and how is l'epi dupin these days, i think we can do better but i used to love it. and we are staying a stone's throw from gaya but the last time i was there, it was not a pierre gagnaire place, but i had the best oysters ever and a terrific meal. thoughts appreciated.

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  1. All places you mention are good. L'Ami Jean has the best ingredients and is within walking distance (a 15 min walk) -- 32€ per person + beverage. Chez Denise is in les Halles -- also walkable but you would have to cross the Seine and the Louvre. See the map of parisian bistrots on www.bottingourmand.com . Le Paul Bert is very much loved but far away.

    1. For seafood, I like Bistro Cote Mer, which is in the 5th - not right nearby, but pretty direct - it's right on St. Germain, near where it starts at the Seine.
      It's been 3 years or so since I ate there, though.

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        I liked it too, a lot, but apparently it changed again and is not bistrot cote mer or a seafood place anymore. We're left with l'Uitr, le Duc, Fish.

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          <We're left with l'Uitr, le Duc, Fish.> ...and La Cagouille!

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            Forgot about Bistro Cote mer, i ate there my last time in Paris and sorry to here it is no more. Since I've already been to Fish, I think we've narrowed our list down to L'Ami Jean, Mon Vieil Ami, or Chez Denise --- do you think any of these is a better choice over the others for the one of us who does not eat meat or chicken? They all sound good to me and all relatively close to our hotel. And she will be very happy with any type of fish or seafood.

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              I have eaten at Mon Vieil Ami many times for lunch and dinner and have always had a wonderful meal and its on the Ile Saint Louis which is a lovely walk plus you can stop for Bertillion ice cream on your way back.

        2. I had lunch at Fish over the weekend and it was very good and reasonably priced.