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OK, I read something recently that got me interested in trying Luzzo's. Though people wax poetic about their pizza, what else about the place is great? And the atmosphere?

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  1. I've only tried their pizza and I can tell you it's nothing special.

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      KT - your comments would carry a little more weight if you elaborated on your experiences. Exactly what didn't you like about Luzzo's pie?

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        To be fair the pizza I had was a take out but I live less than 3 blocks from Luzzo's. The crust was neither chewy nor crispy but some hybrid and I found the sauce to be too sweet. I may have to try it in-house.

        I forgot to mention I ordered fried calamari which was so chewy as to be inedible.

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          The crust is light. Charred yet pliable. Very Neopolitan. Not crispy. The cheese is Buff. Mozz. and has a sweet yet tangy kick that is of very high quality. Not many places use this kind of cheese in the US. The sauce is light and seasoned modestly. The canned tomatoes are of a very high quality. The oven is probably the hottest oven in NYC. It cooks a pizza in less than 2 min. which is probably what makes it so light and fresh tasting. They use wood and coal to fire their brick oven. Coal for heat and wood for heat and flavor.

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            Agreed-also try Isabella's Oven for a similar pie.

      2. I think their plain margerita pizza is about as good as it gets in NYC. I have eaten at many of the best places our city has to offer. and its right there. It is Neopolitan so don't expect slices or thick crusts. Scary good. The rest of the menu is ok. Place is casual. Go for the pizza.

        1. Very good neopolitan pizza-Martha stewart's favorite, good alternative to Una pizza Napoletana around the corner, coal oven.

          1. It's nothing special and I was especially bothered by the canned mushrooms on the pizza. Casual, family atmosphere. A better-priced alternative to Una Pizza Napoletana but not as good as others in the neighborhood -- I am a Pizza Grupo fan.

            1. Well, we did go this past Sunday for lunch. Had some teenagers with us too. We ordered the calamari and the antipasto plate. Calamari not crispy enough and rubbery. Antipasto plate yummy with ricotta, parmesan, mozarella, prosciutto, mortadella and aire dired beef of some sort. There were 9 of us and we had several pizza's including the Martha (white truffle paste,mozzarella and prosciutto), which was really good. And the arugula pizza which had the usuals plus prosciutto and parmesan. Also, some custom made. I have to say it was a great experience all around. And at $170 for 9 people, I am not complaining!

              1. Luzzo's pizza was an expensive disappointment.

                The good:
                > Terrific decor, fun atmosphere (the pizza oven is visible from the back dining room; the front room is a bar+booth area, also terrific)
                > Nice wait staff. They forgot my wine, but they really are friendly
                > The crust has a nice texture
                > The glass of wine (when it finally came) was terrific

                The bad:
                > The pizza has very little flavor (we ordered 1/2 mushroom and 1/2 sausage+ricotta+olive)
                > The pizza is very expensive: $31 for a "large" (smaller than any large I've seen)
                > The $8 split-pie surcharge is a ripoff: a full sausage+ricotta+olive costs $23; make it half-and-half (in my case the other half was the less costly mushroom pizza) and the cost goes up to $31!

                This pizza has a recipe/approach similar to Una Pizza Nap. and Naples 45. But both of those are better pizzas (and value). The tragedy is that the place has a grandfathered coal oven, a rarity in NYC. These ovens (at Arturo's and Patsy's too) char the crust perfectly (char on the outside, soft but cooked on the inside). What a waste.

                If you go for pizza, DO NOT SPLIT your large pie toppings. Just order two smalls...for more total pizza at a similar price.

                Better yet, try the other food and report back. The pasta looked great.

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                  Personally, I think the crust needs a little more salt, so I always end up ordering a topping that helps with that. Given the way they do their pies, I definitely wouldn't order a large here -- the center has got to be so soggy! Tragedy about that split pie charge. Ugh.

                  I like proscuitto, spicy salami, etc. as toppings. The Campana (tomato sauce, mozzarella, shaved parmesan, cherry tomatoes and basil) is also good.

                2. Luzzo's used to serve some of the best pizza in NYC. I fell in love with them shortly after they opened; but the few times I have been back over the past couple of years, I have been very disappointed. The change seems to have coincided with their remodeling (putting the bar in the front) and raising their prices. Now the place is much more crowded, the service tends to be more harried, and the food is nowhere near where it used to be. The edges of the pizza may be burnt while the center is soggy. They're stingier with the sausage (my topping of choice), which hasn't been as flavorful as it used to be.

                  That said, I still prefer Luzzo's to, say, John's on Bleecker St. Luzzo's mozz is much better, and they know how to use fresh basil.

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                    I like Luzzo's alot. In my opinion they are the best pizza in the city, better than Lombari's or Grimaldi's or Patsy's. I have not been to many other pizza joints outside of those though. Anyways, their pizza tastes like the kind you get at a pizzaria in Italy. My favorite pizza there is the Arugula/Procioto Pizza, followed the the "El Diablo" which is Spicy Pepperoni Salami and Mushrooms.

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                      Yes, this is the Manhattan Board, but since you mentioned Grimaldi's, I'm sure there will be Di Fara fans who will disagree with you (although I wouldn't on that point). However, Nick's of Forest Hills is much better than Luzzo's or any of the other Manhattan places.

                  2. I was there earlier this week. The staff is very friendly and playful.

                    We had the Salsiccia pizza with tomatoes, fresh mozz, sausage, and basil. The pizza was good, you could take each of the ingredients, but it was missing something. We added a little fresh ground pepper, but it was still missing something. The crust was thin, but could have been a little crispier.

                    For dessert, we had the tiramisu, which was probably my second favorite in Manhattan (first being at Carmine's - but that one serves 6 people in comparison).

                    All in all, if you want good pizza and like tiramisu, it's a stop shop. There was also some live music, and she had a nice voice.

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                      I think they are too quick to pull the pizza out of the oven. Another few seconds in there would make all the difference. Next time I go, i'm going to ask for it well done and see how works out.