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Thanksgiving 'Iron Chef': Corn!

Hey All!

My family is doing their annual Iron Chef-style competition for Thanksgiving where we split into two teams. The ingredient this year is corn. I've been thinking of soups, like perhaps a chowder, or maybe some corn fritters. Any great corn ideas? Much, much thanks!

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  1. assuming you don't have a moonshine still, grilled corn might be the way to go.

    chicago's rick bayliss has a straightforward approach that is pretty good.

    here's a link:

    1. This is the easiest recipe and is amazing. We call it baked corn in a black frying pan.
      Preheat the oven to 425. Pour 2 tablespoons veg oil in a black cast-iron pan. Put pan in the oven for 30 minutes. Cut corn off of 8 cobs put in a bowl with 1 tsp salt. 2 tablespoons half and half and 1/4 cup flour. Mix. Pour into pan and flatten with a spatula. Bake for 40 minutes or until edges are brown. Take out of oven and flip into a large round platter. You'll have a very large corn cake. Cut into wedges and just inhale!

      1. I've made an Ina Garten inspired cheddar corn chowder several times with great success. I mean, corn-cheddar-bacon.....what's not to love? Recipe and pics here:

        1. I'm thinking of a rosemary-lemon polenta cake served with corn ice cream topped with a bacon-nut brittle.

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            That sounds amazing, and I want to make this now.

          2. turkey pozole with hominy and fresh corn - served with fried corn tortilla chips .

            1. Some corn ideas --

              *Polenta with corn salsa*

              Make polenta, let it cool, then slice it and season with salt, pepper and cumin, and oven bake it for 35 minutes at 300 degrees.

              1 1/2 corn cobs of fresh shucked corn kernels
              1/2 cup chopped tomatoes
              1/4 cup chopped red bell pepper
              1/4 cup chopped fresh cilantro
              1 1/2 tablespoons fresh lime juice

              Garnish with cilantro and eat.


              10 ears of corn (Fresh corn makes a huge difference)
              2 TB Sugar
              a dash of corn oil
              1 egg
              2 tsp salt

              Shuck the corn and throw this in a blender until smooth. Fry in very hot corn oil until brown on both sides. Make them about 2-3" diameter.

              Garnish with sour cream and scallions.

              *Corn Bread Tres Leches*

              Make cornbread per your favorite recipe... then drowned them in this sauce:

              1 whole can evaporated milk (12 oz.)
              1 whole can sweetened condensed milk (14 oz.)
              1 can heavy cream (use empty can from condensed milk - 1 1/4 cups)
              2 shots bacardi

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                A restaurant in my area makes cachapas (though with corn meal and whole corn kernels, I'm pretty sure) and serves them with chipotle crema and queso fresco. So delicious.

              2. Corn and salmon chowder

                My previousy secret sauce for corn on the cob: Really good butter and EVOO, umeboshi paste and roasted garlic. The umeboshi supply a lot of salt, so you may not need more unless you use an unsalted butter -- but if not salty enough to taste you can use a colorful finishing salt.

                1. How many dishes are you making and how much time do you have?

                  I love sweet corn ravioli and corn sformati (Italian corn pudding - savory). Corn also goes really well with scallops.

                  If you want to add some Thanksgiving element, how about corn stuffing or corn bread (with corrn flour + real corn)?
                  At Babbo there is a dessert corn crema with berries. I love it!

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                    Well, I'm pretty much reserved to one dish, or plate, although multiple componets are of course welcome and encouraged. As for time, unfortunately I'm getting in the late at night right before the big day, so I'm limited to things that can be made the day of (although other family members will be there earlier, but I would only trust them with simple preparations : P_)

                    Sweet corn ravioli sounds perfecto! I like that b/c I'm looking for recipes where I can take advantage of my edge in techniques, such as making fresh pasta, good knife skills, etc. Really good idea, do you happen to have any favorite recipes you'd like to share?

                    the Babbo dessert corn crema with berries sound transcendent, I love Babbo more than life itself, having eaten of my best meals ever there. This sounds fabulous.

                  2. Corn chowder is good; I like it with lots of bacon in. Corn fritters or cornbread is also good. I love cornbread with honey and jam swirled in, like a marbled cake. I mix the cornbread batter up and put it in the pan, then dot the top with small spoonfuls of jam or marmalade, and use a fork to make a sort of marbled pattern. It's subtly sweet.

                    Have you considered polenta? My recipe for it is very basic: two quarts of chicken stock at a simmer, a tablespoon of salt, and as much cornmeal as you can wisk in. Cook on the stovetop for 45 minutes. It'll be dense, almost a bread. I serve it with sour cream and carmelized onions on top. It's fabulous with chili too.

                    Although these polenta dumplings with cheese sound amazingly good: http://thepassionatecook.typepad.com/...

                    And for dessert, maybe a corn pudding?

                    1. http://www.recipezaar.com/12977
                      Chevy's restaurant's Sweet Corn Tomalito (corn pudding with masa harina). addictive!

                      the chevy's cookbook uses a larger quantity -- 6 cups of fresh corn kernels (I used frozen and it was delicious.) so all other amounts are greater. the clone used margarine, chevy's calls for butter.

                      also, 1/2 the corn is whirred with the milk until smooth. then proceed as clone states.

                      i baked at 250 degrees, and it took 3 hours! to internal temp of 175 degrees, accoding to cookbook.

                      plenty of time for Turkey Day 'tinis.

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                        scale up ingredients for 9x13 pan:
                        6 cups corn
                        3/4 C milk (This is the milk to whir in blender with 1/2 the corn)
                        1/2 stick butter
                        1/2 C prepared masa (make a/c to masa harina directions, which uses more moisture)
                        2/3 C sugar (I would reduce this to 1/3 C)
                        3/4 C cornmeal (I used fine ground yellow meal)
                        3/4 t baking powder
                        3/4 t salt
                        1/4 C milk

                        the recipe in the book says bake for 1 1/2 to 2 hours. maybe my oven temp is off, but as i said, it took much longer. but so tasty! all guests loved it.

                      2. Gourmet Magazine had a great recipe this summer for Chipotle shrimp with corn. Let me see if I can find it...


                        1. I make tiny cobbies that everyone loves. Easy to eat because of the size. I boil the ears for a few minutes, then slice them into 2 inch rounds. Drop them in butter mixed with lime,garlic, cumin, red pepper or flakes. salt and pepper, and chili and cilantro.... Saute them and then serve dripping in this sauce. Even the baby loves it.
                          Another is JalapeƱo Corn Chowder with shrimp. Yummy good stuff. Think shrimp and grits.
                          Fresh corn on the cob salad, fresh and tasty.
                          Or you could just wrap the the corn cobs in bacon, who would hate that?
                          So far all the suggestions sound pretty darn good, love fresh corn!

                          1. Thank you so, so, very much for all your creative, exciting suggestions. Some many great ideas I've been turned on too, I am very thankful indeed. Those polenta dumplings and the sweet corn ravioli sound fantastic, I'd love something that I could really get my hands and my heart into making! Thanks again, these are all really great. I have lots of testing to do already! : )

                            1. Corn "pudding" from a local restaurant's cooking demonstration

                              10 ears corn shucked & corn cut off the cob
                              take half of the corn & puree it

                              Cook the puree with about 1 T olive oil, S&P to taste, for about 10 minutes over low heat until slightly thickened. Add remaining un-pureed corn & cook a few minutes more & check seasoning

                              Top with Chili butter:

                              1T olive oil
                              2 shallots minced
                              4 cloves garlic minced

                              sweat shallots & garlic

                              add chili paste (shriracha sauce, etc) to taste

                              1/4 c white wine, simmer to reduce

                              whisk in 2-3 T butter and season to taste

                              This was then topped with some nice seared scallops...wow