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Oct 9, 2007 03:54 PM

Latitude Thai

Any opinions of the new Thai restaurant that took over for Siam place on Lincoln? I've tried it once and it was a mixed experience. I thought the spices were flavorful and fairly authentic ? -(I've never actually been to Thailand). However some of the ingredients seemed to be low quality / not properly cooked. They were only open for a week when I tried them - worth another shot?

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  1. Hi Mateo
    I've been there a few times as its only a couple of blocks from my apartment.
    I have mixed feelings about this place too as I missed Tew's cooking from Siam's Place.
    I'm asian and so I tend to be more critical when it comes to asian cuisine.
    I want to like this place but I feel insulted as the restaurant seems to pander to very white folks who still find Thai food as being "exotic." Its like Thai food 101 for those who haven't yet discovered Thai food. I liken their menu to Thai food served in an asian hotel for visiting tourists. The ingredients are fresh though, but the execution is not exciting/special....seems like every dish have carrots. The owners, I understand, also have a restaurant in Sonoma county. Maybe they have less competition up north and didn't survey Lincoln Blvd where Thai restaurants are quite plentiful. I feel bad for the Siam Place regulars who are more adventurous in their tastebuds.
    But fear not, Star of Siam on Lincoln and Marine has undergone some renovation and is launching a new menu starting October 23. The menu looks exciting and I can't wait to sample them this week.

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      I've just been to the newly renovated Star of Siam and all I can say is: Bring back the old Star of Siam!!!!! The new decor is really cheesy and the food is definitely worse. I don't think it was just a renovation., but change in ownership altogether. I saw totally different wait staff and the food did not even remotely taste similar to the old cooking. Plus, the price has risen quite a bit. I'd rather drive a bit and go to Siam Chan or even Thai Dishes than go back there again.

    2. We were happy to see that Latitude was another Thai restaurant even though we were very sorry to see Siam Place close since their food was always delicious and a good value. We've been to Latitude twice since it opened. Last night had a special, fried fish with an apple/cashew slaw. It was delicious, and slaw was unique, light, the fish was lightly battered and moist. It was inventive and unique. Great combination of flavors. Not at all the usual Thai faire. We look forward to going back and exploring the menu. One major improvement from S.P. is that Latitude has a tasefully decorated inviting dining room. The new lighting adds to the ambiance. The room was over half full on a weeknight, which is an improvement. Whereas we used to order delivery from Siam Place frequently, we'd actually be inclined to walk over to dine-in at Latitude's dining room. Come to think of it, it's actually the nicest dining environment on Lincoln Blvd. between the Venice line to north of the I-10 and beyond. This is a significant positive addition to dining-in on Lincoln Blvd. where most outlets are more suited to take out or delivery. We hope that Latitude is successful and are hoping that it can set a new standard for this stretch of Lincoln Blvd. in Santa Monica. I agree with FFoodie, that the menu seems basic so far, but I think they are just shaking things out. How things go will probably depend on how much local neighborhood support they get. The plate presentation was very nice. I hope Latitude menu continues down the unique/creative path since there are plenty of low grade Thai outlets in the area. Keep those unique recipies coming! We'll be back.