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Oct 9, 2007 03:38 PM

Birthday Dinner


Looking for a place for a friend's birthday this saturday. She lives in Foggy Bottom, so looking someplace around there (DuPont, Downtown, Chinatown, etc.). She likes seafood and steak, but don't want someplace too expensive.

Any good, affordable options for a birthday dinner for 4-6 people?


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  1. What about firefly? Too expensive?

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    1. re: jpschust

      menu online seems good. just moved here a month ago from atlanta, not that familiar with area restaurants.

    2. They don't have steak but for great seafood you can check out Hank's Oyster Bar in Dupont Circle.

      Or for both try the upstairs area of Mark and Orlando's, also in Dupont.

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      1. re: Elyssa

        is the upstairs what on their website says "mark's menu"? seems like a good option...thanks.

        1. re: aaronsinger

          I believe so but you can also order off of the downstairs menu. The food is great there with friendly service. I just suggested the upstairs area because you can order off both menus and it's more casual.

      2. I am such a horrible judge of too expensive... what about Hook?

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        1. re: ktmoomau

          can't seem to judge online how much it is! they only list apps.

          1. re: aaronsinger

            Hook entrees are all around $23-25. Definitely worth the splurge if this is at (or near) your price range. Top notch seafood.

            I'm a big fan of Mark & Orlando's. The downstairs is a nicer dining room with a great menu that meets your seafood/steak not too expensive (entrees $19-23). The upstairs is a more casual bar area with tables and Mark's bar food menu (all under $15), but you can order either menu (or mix and match) upstairs.

            1. re: dzherbst

              thanks for the recs, have decided on old ebbitt (have to hit up a classic dc place first, i suppose).

              definitely will keep the others in mind for future reference. Mark and Orlando's reminds me of a restaurant I went to in Boulder a few weeks ago; the name escapes me, but it was excellent; a similar concept in terms of more formal downstairs, more casual upstairs, somewhat similar food and price points.