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Oct 9, 2007 03:32 PM

Cramer's Bakery--Yardley

I stumbled upon this place today while I was working in Newtown and driving around aimlessly, hunting for a Wawa of all places. Upon walking in I observed what appeared to be a very large commercial kitchen in back, and a fairly large store in front, complete with cookies, cupcakes, buttercake, muffins, scones, breads/rolls, and some individual desserts. Since I wasn't going to be near refrigeration for a while I decided to grab a cherry hamentashen and a chocolate petit four. Man, they were both delicious! I am a bit of a dessert (specifically cake) freak, and I was so impressed by their stuff that I almost drove back to get more goodies on the way home. But, since it was in the complete opposite direction during rush hour traffic I thought I'd post here to see what others think of this place before racing back (which I'm definitely prepared to do). Upon doing a search here I've found some references in other posts but not many, and none really name specific things they've tried at Cramer's that have been great. Does anyone have any feedback on their stuff, specifically their...

-Cupcakes/Cake (I'm specifically interesting in the icing as I love icing)
-Cannolli (the fact that they were prefilled was basically outweighed by the fact that they were the biggest and best looking cannolli I've seen around)

I asked the staff and they had no menu or website to provide to me, but here is the location information:

Cramer's Bakery
16 East Afton Avenue
Yardley, PA 19067

Thanks in advance for any information you have about this place...I'm really excited to have found another bakery to add to my list of great places to gourge!

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  1. We lived in Washington Crossing for 23 years and enjoyed the many wonderful cakes and pastries baked at Cramer's. Every time we visit our children, we buy our favorites to bring back to our new home with us. In fact I am about to call them to order a birthday cake for a celebration to take place Easter weekend. Cramer's Bakery and Rice's Market-both missed and cannot be replaced.

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      Yay, I'm happy to finally have someone reply to this post! In the last year and a half I've been up near Cramer's quite often for work, but haven't been back since it is just far enough out of the way that I can't convince myself it is worth it. Your positive response has given me enough motivation to head over there next time I am in Newtown. Thanks!

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        I love Cramer's marble whipped icing on cakes. It's a mix of vanilla and chocolate whipped cream icing. Also, they have a 1/2 price sale every Monday to sell their leftover baked goods.

    2. Cramers is great for cakes, danish, etc. For canolli go down Main Street and turn into the little strip mall on the right. There's an Italian gourmet store (frozen and fresh sauces and ravioli). They stuff the fresh canolli after you order them.

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        The chocolate chip cookies are the BEST!!!!!!

      2. Love Cramer's hamburger rolls and sweet dinner rolls!

        1. pumpkin cookies!!!!! plus, growing up in Yardley meant everyone I knew got Cramer's cakes for their birthdays.

          1. Everything should be right about this place - good location, all the right equipment, good flow of customers - but the products are as mediocre as anywhere you'll find.
            - Masses of sugar baked into everything
            - low quality chocolate used
            - garish unappetizing neon colored icing on celebratory items (like everywhere else)
            - predeliction to overdose on cinnamon in the Fall
            - no sign of a decent crispy shiny crust on any of the bread.

            What a shame - opportunity squandered.

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              I don't know about those items - but we LOVE the following from Cramer's:
              their petit fours, the eclairs, and the mini-cannoli. I have relatives that reside close to Cramer's, and they pick these items up for everything gathering. The petit fours and the eclairs are AMAZING, truly.