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Oct 9, 2007 03:31 PM

Romantic, cheap Italian in the east or west village?

I am looking for a romantic, cheap italian spot to go this Friday. I am looking for a nice atmosphere, nothing too fancy but with hands down GOOD FOOD!

I like the atmosphere at Frankies on Clinton street and Barbone....

Any suggestions?

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  1. Have you tried Frank, on, I think, 2nd ave? It's dark and crowded, which I like, and I find the food very good.

    This is also very good:

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      Just be aware that at Frank you will be waiting for a table unless you get there at 5 PM. I like the food there, but am reluctant to go there because even as a party of two you end up waiting longer than they tell you.

      I actually think you answered your own question with Barbone. The food there is inexpensive, consistantly fantastic, and inventive. Romantic dining room and patio too.

      If you want to try something new, I Coppi (on 9th) is pretty good, although a bit more expensive than Barbone. It has a romantic dining room & garden as well.

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        For the best combo of Romantic and Excellent Italian food in that area you must go to Apizz.

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          We went to I Coppi over the summer for dinner and it was good. Service can be relaxed. There was a recent negative post re: dinner. Might have been an off night.

      2. I like Supper on 2nd and B

        1. I like Cacio de Pepe on 2nd Ave

          1. I second the rec for Apizz, but I wouldn't call it cheap. Cacio e Pepe, Crispo, and Po are a bit below Apizz in price, and I find them romantic.

            1. i second supper (same owners as frank but i think its less hectic and a nicer space). bianca on bleecker is also nice.