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Oct 9, 2007 03:26 PM

Missing Holiday Recipe

I've moved five times in the last five years, and of course, now that we're creeping up on the holidays, I cannot find an old recipe I had. Of course, I cannot remember who's recipe it is, or where I got it (actually, I think I clipped it from a newspaper) or what its called. We jokingly called it Death by Chocolate, but it is not Narsi David's recipe with the raspberry sauce. It was a brownie baked in a sheet pan, not a heavy brownie, somewhat lighter, and then cut up and placed in a 8-9" round buttered pan or bowl, lining the bottom and side of the round. Then a chocolate mousse was made, still, fairly light with the addition of egg whites, and that was placed in the now brownie lined mold. This was chilled until set, inverted and unmolded onto a plate. Then a chocolate ganache was made, and poured over the entire thing, and allowed to set again in the refrigerator. It was served in very thin slices, because it was so rich. I suppose, as I know the steps by heart, I could guess and cobble a recipe together, but if anyone has this, I'd appreciate it!

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  1. Try adapting the recipe for Michel DesAulnier's "Chocolate Damnation" from his cookbook from the Trellis restaurant in Williamsburg, VA. I've made it a number of times. It's a chocolate cookie crusted cheesecake, a layer of raspberry coulis, half a chocolate cake layer, more coulis, chocolate mousse, a brushing of coulis, the other half of the choc cake layer, finish the coulis, and cover the whole thing in ganache. It is absolutely divine, and as you can imagine, very rich.

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      Paula Deen has a very similar recipe to the OP and is also called "Chocolate Damnation." Hers calls for a coffee twist, but you can omit that and it sounds almost identical to what she described. I have made it twice, it is a little labor intensive, but is completely divine!!

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        Oops - I made a mistake. It's Marcel DesAulniers, not Michel.

      2. There is a wonderful Julia Child recipe from the 80's called Bombe aux Trois Chocolats. It sounds very similar to the dessert you describe. Definitely a brownie-type cake used to line the mold with a mousse filling.

        I Googled this recipe name and found quite a few references online, but none with the recipe. Unfortunately, my books are packed away in storage for the moment. If this is the recipe you're looking for, maybe someone can locate the recipe - in either Julia Child and Company or "More Company". Good luck.