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Oct 9, 2007 03:18 PM

Quick: Best Baby Back Ribs

Its my son's birthday and he wants baby back ribs. He'd prefer Houston's but I refuse to pay them $26 for a slab of ribs. I say Rib King, but he's balking, any suggestions? Hurry it's almost dinner time.

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  1. Houston's are good. If he's partial to the "grilled" ribs like Houston's as oppposed to smoked/BBQ, I'd suggest Chili's or Bennigan's. (I'm expecting snarky remarks from the anti-chain police.) Otherwise, Rudy's aren't bad, believe it or not.

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      If Chili's was good, it'd go to a chain. I ordered some a month ago there on a whim (no idea why) and they were extremely dry. People need to learn that fall off the bone IS NOT well cooked BBQ. Overcook and dry out any piece of meat and it'll fall of the bone. Chili's obviously hasn't learned this.

    2. I'd recommend Artz Rib House on South Lamar. Not the greatest ambiance, but tasty ribs.
      Several people have discussed the baby backs at Jaspers in the Domain. Mixed reviews and I believe it may be more expensive than Houstons.

      1. I think Houston's can make a fairly decent slab of ribs. If your son enjoys Houston's-style baby back ribs, then he probably enjoys the moist, "fall-off-the-bone" type - a type that you just won't get at places like Rudy's or Artz.

        A place like Rudy's or Artz will satisfy most "dry rub" fans. It's just a very different style.

        Personally, I am also a fan of the soft "fall-off-the-bone" type of baby back ribs.

        "People need to learn that fall off the bone IS NOT well cooked BBQ. Overcook and dry out any piece of meat and it'll fall of the bone."

        I'm going to have to respectfully disagree. I have been to three places in Austin that offer "fall off the bone" style babyback ribs, and the ribs at all 3 were EXTREMELY moist and certainly not "dry".

        In fact, the only places I've been where they've totally dried out the meat are the non-fall off the bone places like Artz (sometimes) or this one place called Mesa Grill. The ribs at Mesa Grill - now THAT was totally dry - the flavor was totally dominiated by a "smokey mesquite" flavour, which I felt was just horrendous. When I have a slab of baby back ribs, I want to have the opportunity to taste and enjoy the actual meat. I couldn't believe that Mesa Grill could screw a plate of ribs up so badly.

        Anyways, if your son enjoys "fall off the bone" style moist baby back ribs, then I highly suggest trying Jasper's and Houston's AT LEAST once.

        My only problem with Jasper's, however, is the fact that 95% of what they serve is grossly overpriced and not worth the money for what they serve, in my opinion.

        The ribs are the most expensive ($26 as is for a full rack; $13 for half rack; Add $3 for side substitution) but can be quite satisfying to the "fall off the bone" rib lover.

        1. I like Artz and County Line for Baby Backs. The only one's I like better are at my house where I cook them the way my Daddy taught me... about three hours and fall off the bone tender and moist!

          1. Houston's ribs while finished over a wood burning grill are "steamed" for several hours before they are finished for service.

            The ribs are sealed in a pan with water and liquid smoke and cooked at a low temperature overnight.

            Although not baby backs, the last time I was a Kreuz's, the ribs were fall off the bone tender.