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Oct 9, 2007 02:51 PM

75th Birthday Celebration -SEA

Planning to celebrate my mom's 75th birthday with dinner and a show. We have the show part nailed down but are looking for restaurant suggestions. We have 8 people and 2 are 10-year-old twins, so something that is reasonably kid-friendly would be terrific. Tried Pallisade but they're already booked for December 8. We're staying at the Paramount Hotel that evening and will be headed to the 5th Ave. Theatre after dinner.

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  1. Palamino can accomodate a party of 8, has a diverse menu and should appeal to Mom. It's also within walking distance of the theatre. A second option might be Tulio.

    1. What about Wild Ginger? A few blocks away on 3rd from the theater.

      1. i have, in the past, used union square grille (6th/union) as a dinner location when headed to the fifth avenue theatre and been quite pleased - sophisticated atmosphere, varied menu, attentive staff, 2 block walk to the theatre

        1. Depending on how special the restaurant is to be - you could try Palamino. It's just a block from the 5th Avenue and 10 year old friendly.

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            just be sure to avoid the steak if you end up at Palomino, they have no clue on how to grill properly

          2. Il Fornaio, although a chain, has very good Italian food. Better than Palomino, to my mind, and I've eaten a lot at Palomino over the years. Tulio's is wonderful--much better than either Il Fornaio or Palomino, but can be quite loud and crowded, if that's an issue for your mom and the kids.