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Oct 9, 2007 02:40 PM

Birthday dinner for adult

My wife's birthday is this weekend and we are looking for something fun but adult-oriented, in West LA or the Valley. Nothing too noisy, nothing sushi (I like my fish cooked!). She is 40+ and so'm I. Ideas?

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    1. La Cachette



      1. Roy's on Topanga Canyon.

        Gorikee on Ventura in Woodland Hills

        Ca Del Sole in UNiversal City

        Moun of Tunis in Hollywood

        Rahel's or Messob in Little Ethiopia

        Musha Santa Monica

        Gochi in Encino

        Alcazar in Encino

        The Great Greek in Sherman oaks

        Musso and Frank's

        Saddle Peak Lodge

        Boneyard Bistro in Sherman Oaks

          1. re: perk

            This is a great suggestion. Awesome view of the basin, combined with some great food. I'd also offer Bin 8945 in West Hollywood.

          2. Firefly in Studio City is wonderful i think.. great Pork Chop w/ truffle oil.

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            1. re: Jaybay

              Firefly is amazing!!!! ... but too loud usually.