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Oct 9, 2007 02:23 PM

other than osteria?

Planning a trip to Philly for a birthday dinner. Osteria seems like an obvious choice, being that its fairly close to the standard tap, which is where we will end up. What other places should I consider? I don't have any preferences (i.e. cuisine), originally wanted to go to Vetri but its a little much for my college student income. All I want is a place where the food is worth the price, 50-75$ a person.

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  1. Osteria isn't that close to the Tap, it's about 12 blocks away. Of course, fine dining options around the Tap aren't that common. Sovalo is right there, I wasn't crazy about that place but quite a few other people are. Modo Mio is close by too, I haven't been there yet but LaBan seemed to like it.

    1. Six of us were at Sovalo this past weekend and we all thought it was excellent. Very interesting and creative menu with food to match and excellent service.

      1. Why is osteria an undesired option? Have you been already?

        1. osteria is most definitely not a walk from the tap! 12 blocks away and not thru areas i'd typically walk late at night.

          i fiiiiiiiiinally ate at radicchio last night and i thought it was pretty good! it is easily a walk (6 - 8 mins probably) from the standard tap. it's on 4th just south of 676. it was some pretty heavy italian food. we enjoyed it for a once-in-a-while meal (it was REALLY heavy) - though way cheaper than the budget you list. i think we spent $40, two of us.

          there is bar ferdinand just a couple blocks north of the standard tap. with the right wines you could spend 50-75 for sure. they actually do make a pretty good sangria though (i like it better than amada's) and it's inexpensive. the menu is filled with spanish tapas - my favorite year-round dish being the garlic shrimp. they have tables inside and out. i personally like to eat either outside or in the bar area. elsewhere it can be a bit noisy (very pretty, but very cavernous restaurant).

          has anyone been to copper (a BYO on 2nd street - a block from the standard tap)?? it looks very cute inside but the menu posted outside has too much meat listed for the likes of me (it's a short menu). i am waiting to see if they add more vegetarian options - they do have them, but what i've seen has not yet grabbed me personally. i know they do a $30 prix fixe meal. ( ) if anyone's eaten there please let me know if they are good! i think i've only read 1 or 2 reviews for the place.

          there are others around the neighborhood - il cantuccio, modo mio, possibly a little more casual than you are looking for (and BYO) but they are awesome!

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            I was at Copper when it opened:


            Haven't been back since then, but if they've managed to stay in business, maybe it's improved..

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              Rabidog, the specialty at Radicchio is their Dover Sole - and other fish of the day - grilled and fileted at tableside. It is the best, and not at all heavy. If you didn't order that, be sure to try it next time - it's fabulous! It is a casual place, so I don't think of it as a place for a birthday celebration.
              Our only problem with Radicchio, which we love, is that they don't take reservations. Bistro Juliana, on Cumberland St., has the same menu ahd usually has space - plus easy parking.