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Oct 9, 2007 02:16 PM

Cambodian cuisine; Cuisine from Singapore

Anything in DC from either of these countries? I've traveled to both in the last 2 years but don't have any specific recollection of the food.

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  1. For Singapore/Malay cuisine, try Kopitiam @ 1827 M Street NW, it's down stairs off the street. On the same street but about three blocks down is Penang. I prefer Kopitaim's selection, but both are good, cheap and pretty authentic. Plus, they have Tiger beer! an added bonus IMO.

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    1. re: aussiewonder

      the reviews of kopitiam are mixed on yelp. my experience confirms. the "malaysian chili shrimp" was ketchupy and not complex or spicy at all as you would expect from malay cuisine. i say go elsewhere unless you know specifically the good dishes on the menu.

      1. re: Minger

        wow, that's the first i've heard a negative review. i've been eating @ Kopititiam for 9years +, and was introduced to it by the local Malaysian exchange students. we'd travel from North of Baltimore just to get a taste of home. I've never eaten the dish you mentioned, usually i go for laksa, chicken rice, kway teoh, roti and gado gado....the stuff i crave and i've never had a problem w/ the spice, usually it's nice and spicy.

        1. re: aussiewonder

          Believe it. A group of twelve Chowhounds had an uneven meal there with the laksa (two versions) being the stand out. On a return visit, even that tasted old and muddy. I think it's an ok place, but it doesn't stand up to other Asian choices in the area, and I hope the flavors in Malaysia are much better than at MK.

    2. There is Singapore Bistro on 19th St, below M. Simple noodle dishes well executed.. Not much depth to the menu.

      1. I really wouldn't bother finding Khmer food. I don't even think it's good in Cambodia...;-)

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        1. re: baltoellen

          I had pretty good Khmer food in Phnom Phen. It was a similar to Thai Beef Salad (Nua Nam Tok) and there was also a great hot sour soup.

          1. re: shochan

            I'll be back there again in January. Please let me know where you ate!

            1. re: baltoellen

              Hi - can't remember was several years ago. I wandered out of my guest house (Last Home - belive it's closed now).