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Oct 9, 2007 02:06 PM

AOC voters

Anyone recently eaten at AOC and how was it.Worth the drive from the valley?

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  1. I feel its a bit over-rated. Everything was decent but nothign was great. If you're traveling from a distance, you want a place you walk away from wowed. Lucques & Hungry Cat are sister restaurants and have consistently good reviews.

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    1. re: ElJeffe

      I agree with El Jefe. Go to Lucques, nothing like the owner's hand in the kitchen.

      1. re: ElJeffe

        I agree with ElJeffe, although Hungry Cat is not a sister restaurant to Lucques and AOC; the chef at Hungry Cat is David Lentz, Suzanne Goin's husband.

        1. re: mollyomormon

          Sorry, to clarify, Hungry Cat is the ball & chain restaurant to AOC:)

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            I disagree. We have been to both Lucques and AOC in the last few months and the meals were both outstanding. AOC get's the nod however over Lucques for a little better food quality and much bigger selection (of food and wine) and I much prefer the dining areas of AOC to Lucques.

          2. re: ElJeffe

            i liked AOC, but do i agree on it being overrated. its not the kind of place that i would frequent more than once every few months. the atmosphere is not as friendly or as comfortable as Lou in hollywood and its more expensive. if i had a choice between either AOC or Lou, i'd have to pick Lou.

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              I've actually seen a lot of negative reviews of the Hungry Cat here, but I'm still a fan. Nonetheless, I would take Lucques or AOC any day of the week over HC. In addition to having food that is much better, the ambience of both Lucques and AOC is so lovely, whereas HC is all hard surfaces and loudness.

            2. Worth the drive and then some. AOC is soooo much better than Hungry Cat. Hungry Cat for me has been very hit and miss food and service-wise, whereas AOC pretty much nails it every time. My all-time favorite is AOC's black squid risotto -- but really it's all good. And love the small-plates approach. They also have what seems to be hundreds of wine by the glass and the wait staff is very well-informed about them all and suggest great pairings. Also let you split glasses if you like. Like sitting at the bar a bit more than at the tables -- but for larger groups there's a very nice table upstairs. Hungry Cat offers a bit more of a scene and is close to the ArcLight -- but if the primary focus is food, AOC is a great way to go.

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                the black squid risotto rules. AOC has more depth than either Hungry Cat(a cafe with good food) and Lucques(beautiful space and atmosphere with a limited menu). AOC will run you more money but that because there are far more options like 50 wines by the glass and dozens of different small plate combinations.

              2. Highly overrated in my opinion. All the dishes seemed to be too rich and after spending close to $100pp, I left the place hungry. Won't be going back anytime soon.

                1. Love all the negative responses; makes it easier for me to get a stool at the wine or cheese bar.

                  1. I think a lot of the AOC experience has to do with how you order. If you order things that sound good - you might find, as we did recently, that everything has lots of garlic. I don't think that's a problem; it just illustrates that we are drawn to garlic-oriented food. I think that providing some "suggested" order combinations would add a lot to AOC's menu.

                    It's also a fairly casual small plates restaurant, with meal pricing similar to a more traditional fancy restaurant. I think tailbacku and superredhead might be responding to this.