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Oct 9, 2007 02:04 PM

PSA: HNL ilima awards website

don't know if anyone posted this yet as i've been traveling yet again and plannign the upcoming nuptials...

but i go this from a wedding website board.. and i check it out.. and all i can say is YUM!!!!

it allows you to search by cuisine, neighborhood, restaurant name....

YUM!!! =)

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  1. thanks for the tip kinipela. its a good starter list, although a few of my favorites are missing. The mexican list is very short, my fav. italian is not there (verbano), and "town" only shows up under ilima.. at least as far as I could see. I wonder what the criteria is (or what it costs) to get on the list.

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    1. re: KaimukiMan

      There is a poll each year in the paper to fill out. I find these dreary, predictable and
      a great vehichle to pad their advertising dollars with the winners.

        1. re: manomin

          My favorite is Azteca in Kaimuki. El Charro on Sand Island Acess road is pretty good. I used to like Qunteros on Piiko at Young, but wasnt impressed the last few times. Los Chaporros just didn't do much for me either the two times I tried it, although I can't say anytihing was wrong with it. My dad took me to ChaChaCha in Hawaii Kai lately, I thought it was pretty bad. I only go to Jose's in Kaimuki under extreme duress, it's really awful.

      1. As manomin points out, this list is predominantly filled with restaurants who advertise with the paper and. as KaimukiMan says, it's a starting point. If you want to get a more comprehensive list of Hawaii restaurants, check out this link:
        I'm linking to the Oahu list, but you can find the other islands, though they are not as complete. For comparison, the HA lists about 250 restaurants for Oahu, the HD site has 1800+. Scroll down for the advanced search function!

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          i'm so glad that i posted this!!! 'cause it led to a more comprehensive list!!!!

          wow... between wedding planning oh and my JOB... hahahah how am i going to have time to look through all of these?!?!!?! WOW!!!

          much mahalos!!! =)