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Oct 9, 2007 01:53 PM

Best places I ate in Thailand...

certainly not at many hotels!!!!

highlights of my 3 week honeymoon:

-Deep Fried Bamboo Worms in the Northern Hills
-Chiang Mai Cooking School
-FCC Angkor (a splurge lunch in Camodia) -- GREAT COCKTAILS
-Khao Lak, Thailand - Restaurant Jai and another beach shack on the other side of the road. Deep Fried Barracuda, some quite expensive King Prawns -- just great great food. Good pancake cart too !

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  1. Heading to Cambodia in a few weeks. What type of food is served at FCC Angkor and what can one expect to spend on a dinner? If it's worth the trip, where is is located? Thanks in advance.