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Oct 9, 2007 01:42 PM

Isle of Palms

Going to Isle of Palms for a long weekend. Any suggestions about what is nearby, but not all the way to Charleston. Also would like to know if there are any dog friendly places that are at least decent when it comes to food. Any suggestions from fine dining to dives, as long as the food is "chow-worthy". Thanks.

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  1. The Boathouse is the most popular "nice" place on the island. Great views at Sunset. The food is good. Avoid the One-Eyed Parrot. Our table was covered in flies. The Mustard Seed in Mount Pleasant is our favorite restaurant when we go down there. There are also some good pubs and restaurants right next door on Sullivan's. I have stayed at Wild Dunes but never ate there.

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      If you want to drive over to Sullivan's Island, Poe's Tavern is a fun place for a burger or fish tacos. Boulevard Diner is my favorite Mt. Pleasant eatery. Both of these are very casual.

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        Both of these are very good suggestions. Poe's has outside dining and you may be able to bring the dog along.
        Dunleavy's is on Sullivan's Island and also has outside dining. Mostly a bar but good burgers.
        If you're around Sunday morning I always enjoy brunch at The Boat House.

    2. Second Poe's Tavern, The Boathouse. Most definitley stay away from Coconut Joe's, which will be most likely in your face. You can never go wrong w/ the Mustard Seed. Also, quite a few good restaurants on Shem Creek (Mt. P), if you feel like the short drive! Have a nice time!

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        I used to absolutely love the Mustard Seed, but I feel l like it had fallen into a slump after the move. Have you been lately? Maybe it's good again. It's been about a year since I last went.

      2. Thanks for the suggestions. I was wondering if anyone can address a place where we can get a great meal and still have a well behaved dog at our side?

        1. My sister got married at Isle of Palms last year, and we went to the Shem Creek Bar and Grill for a bridesmaids' dinner. I thought the food was very good. We had a variety of things, and we liked all the most unadorned dishes the best. It's not cheap, but it's still casual. Typical of a seafood place at the beach that way.