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Oct 9, 2007 01:38 PM

French 75 = Bad 90%

In case there is any doubt with anybody, it's a definite "no" with this place in Burbank, at least in my book. Seeming promising as a OK place on paper, website and a review or two, it was a flop for us Saturday night. Corporate to the Nth degree, it churned out overcooked steaks, greasy duck with limp skin, duck fat potatoes cooked hours earlier and various other boring (at best) accoutrements. The waitress was well-meaning but forgot to bring drinks and other dishes during appetizers and main course. My steak was to be served with caramelized onions; upon inquiry, the waitress said, "It's served with two." Two? The steak revealed that "two" meant 2 greasy onion rings on top. Oh, when I complained about the potatoes not being fresh, what does she do? She brings out MORE of 'em on my guests plates. They should hang out a sign that says, "Is food really that important?"

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  1. Thanks for that honest report. My Aunt & Uncle were my guiena pigs for the French 74 in Century City, so based on thier experience I personally didn't have to abuse my pocket book on the ________ food there (*). Unfortuneately, the one in Century City will thrive just on their business lunch business, as they did create a very attractive "visual" experience.

    Advice - When in Century City, only go there for their 4 to 6 pm happy hour as you can get an $11 (or is it more now) frou-frou Bubbly Cocktail for half off. But be warned, I believe the vintnor for the Champagne is Dow Chemical. So if your a replicant, as in "Blade Runner" (now showing for a brief period at the Landmark Theaters < 2 miles away), then here's your spot 12 years ahead of schedule.

    (*) For the same money, one could happily dine at La Cachette for the addtional expense of a 3 minute cab ride!

    1. I've had smiliar mediocre experiences with French 75. A few people I know have raved about it, but I think they'd be the same people raving over the Angus burger at McDonald's. The service has been well-intentioned but poor in delivery. The food was ANYTHING but French (e.g. the French Onion Soup was bland and of poor quality), and the ambience is great... for the first 15 minutes and then the poor service and lackluster food pretty much ends the growing admiration of the decor.

      1. If by some odd quirk you're forced to go there, don't sit on the patio because those 1 Million BTU heaters with an intense focus will BURN the hair on the back of your neck. When asked to turn it down, the waiter responded that it only has "on" and "off" and the lady over there with the sleeveless dress wants it ON. Then there's the cr!*p food....

        1. i think the frisee salade aux lardons would count in the 10% that is actually good in the place (burbank location)

          1. The Century City location served me what was by far the worst meal I've had in Los Angeles. My experienced mirrored yours, forgotten items, badly done French classics (coq au vin on top of what must have been mashed potatoes from a box) but a well-meaning server. The champagne cocktail I got was made incorrectly. The list goes on. When I posted how much I detested this place many people seemed to take it as a personal affront...glad to know more folks are seeing this place for what it really is. A pretty, over-priced server of bad food. Too bad, I would have loved a good place for a cocktail after a hard day of shopping!

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              Makes you just wanna go to a "French" restaurant at Disneyland, doesn't it? It's like there aren't actual cooks in the kitchen, but technicians, and then the waitstaff...let's just say they aren't "career" waiters.