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Oct 9, 2007 01:26 PM

looking for something very classy in baltimore!

hello! phila hound here... we have a holiday dinner coming up in baltimore and i'd like to hold it somewhere either in baltimore or in the suburbs to the north/west (owings mills, reisterstown, pikesville). in order of our criteria, we are looking for:
- the BEST food
- upscale, a little warm or festive for the holiday season
- no chains
- seafood, american, italian, something along those lines that will satisfy all in a somewhat conservative group

thanks all!

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  1. The Prime Rib or Charleston, depending on the group.

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    1. Mia Carolina,,,,,,in Glyndon ( JUst north of Owings Mills).....just remodeled.....great, reasonable Italian!

      1. Harryman House off main street in Reisterstown - went there for a holiday party a few years ago and we had a great time.

        1. oooh, had forgotten about linwood's and the harryman house! i used to work in the area 3 years ago and loooooved those two, HH especially! i'll have to look into all of these and i'll report back in a couple of months! :)