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Oct 9, 2007 12:59 PM

Korean food in Timonium/Towson?

Does anyone know of any Korean restaurants/carryouts in the Timonium/Towson suburbs of Baltimore? We know of the usual places in downtown Baltimore but we're looking for someplace closer.

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  1. Hadn't thought about it until I saw this post, but I don't think there are any Korean restaurants in Towson/Timonium anymore.

    You might want to stop by the Korean market on Deereco Road and ask the owners if there are any places. Otherwise, I think all the Koreans are running Japanese restaurants!

    1. I think there is a Korean restaurant across the street from the Towson Library on York RD....forgot the name though

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        That would be Purim Oak. Other than that, you have to go to Baltimore and southward, all the way to Virginia (in Annandale), to find any Korean, much less good Korean, restaurants.

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          Didn't Purim Oak close and turn into Cafe Spice?

      2. Indeed, Purim Oak across from the Towson Library has closed.

        There's a place in the shopping center with Pollo Amigo (714 York Rd) just north of the Towson circle called Tokyo Express, owned by Koreans with Korean dishes on the menu. It's far from the best Korean I've ever had, but hits the spot when I'm craving Korean and don't want to drive all the way out to Catonsville.

        There's also another place just a little bit further north on York Rd in an office complex that I drive by frequently and see a small sign in Korean with small English letters underneath that says "Take Out". I assume "Take Out" means "restaurant", but I'll have to check it out and will post back.

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          Please do post if you ever find out about the other place north of Tokyo Express on York Road. Im curious.