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Anyone know anything about the Charcuterie that's supposedly coming in Sierra Madre?

I've seen the 'coming soon' sign teasing me for months now but haven't heard anything more about it. Wondering if anyone else has any insight?

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  1. I know nothing, but it sounds worth watching for. Where is it?

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      It's on the South side of Sierra Madre Blvd, a couple of blocks West of Baldwin. Still has paper on the windows

    2. anyone happen to have an update on this place???

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        it looks like they've started working on it again after weeks of no activity. I haven't seen an opening date yet though.

        In the meantime, there's a new place called Ugo's down the street that's promising.

      2. I have been wondering the same thing myself. If anyone hears anything else, keep us posted. Thanks!

        1. Saw a help wanted sign up this weekend, so hopefully soon?

          1. It's open now. Has anyone tried it?

            1. I have driven past a few times lately and seen the patio filled with guests. They have added some nicer ambiebce on the patio than was there beofre...lots of flowers and plants....look charming, but I know nothing about the menu or quality. I'd love to hear though.

              1. It is basically a glorified deli--they do have some cheeses, but it is not a true Charcuterie. I tried it yesterday, and was not too impressed.

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                  I have eaten there several times and am addicted to the Foghorn Leghorn....appropriate name or not that sandwich is excellent.

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                    I've only eaten there once (tried to go another time but the service was chaotic and had to head back to work before we actually got served) but, so far, I much prefer Ugo's just down the street.

                2. Charcuterie
                  a French term referring to cooked meat products (usually pork), that can include pâté, sausages, ham, cured meats, etc.; also a shop where such products are sold.

                  Not sure what the April 14 posting was all about, but this IS the definition. I cannot speak to quality as my first visit will be this evening, but I do know that I am going to a deli - glad to know that it is "glorified" (perhaps this is referring to the wine service??)

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                    A Charcuterie-It is NOT a sandwich shop, which this is. That is the point of the posting. You are correct it is a shop which sells meats. By the name, it should be a French meat shop, perhaps with some pate, fine cheeses. If they had 90% that, fine. It shouldn't be 95% sandwiches, salads and wine by the glass.

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                      Agreed. Was by there yesterday. They have a few decent cheeses (though you can guy humboldt fog and drunken goat from Fresh & Easy). they had a bit of salumi that wasn't sliced... one was a domestic (may have been columbus), but i THINK they had a bit of fra'mani, which is good stuff. wasn't much cheaper than whole foods just 2 miles away, though. no meats for sale beyond that.

                      oh, the other thing is that while i was perusing their fridge with product, not a single person approached me to see if i needed help or was interested. instead, there was a cluster of employees just hanging out near the cash register. if someone had actually approached me with a friendly offer to help, i might have actually bought something. too bad.

                      anyway, like the op said, it's a glorified deli. if you want cheese, skip it and go to whole foods on Foothill, where you'll find much better selection and much better service for about the same price. if you want meats or (especially) pate or anything traditionally considered charcuterie, you certainly won't find it here.

                  2. They are open for business and if you plan to try it do so soon as the place will never survive. Of the five people at our table, only one was satisfied with their food, while two of us sent our food back. We also witnessed something I've never seen at a restaurant before, a shouting match between the owner (or so he said) and a server. The man appeared drunk and the poor girl was reduced to tears.

                    We will never go back.

                    1. I have been there once, but I kept it safe. I had a typical bistro sandwich that no one could possibly screw up. I would have to agree with beerflyz, as far as I am concerned, that property is cursed, none of the previous businesses have managed to stay afloat long enough to really become a staple in the "sierra madre" dining scene.
                      Now the new farmer's market. . . that is just awesome, fresh fruits and veggies. I hope that it never goes away.

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                        Where is the new farmer's market?? I haven't heard of this.

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                          Starting on May 21st, Sierra Madre will be holding a certified farmers market every Wednesday between the hours of 3pm and 7pm in the public parking lot on Mariposa Avenue, just south of Sierra Madre Blvd. between S. Baldwin and S. Hermosa Avenues.

                          scroll down to second entry dated 5/29 for full article