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Oct 9, 2007 12:37 PM

[SEA] Need recommendation for moderately priced Italian

Please give me your recommendations for a moderately priced Italian place with reliably good food in either Seattle or the Eastside, not too loud, please. Cafe Juanita is my favorite but a bit too pricy for the occasion in question. Good risottos a plus.

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    1. I'd say Perche'No, but it's a little loud in there.
      Maybe a little too casual...

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        1. re: PAO

          Then I'd second Perche No. Homemade pasta and their mushroom risotto used to be my regular... Until I forced myself to branch out.

      1. I've had consistently good meals at Assaggio's (right next to Lola). Simple Italian dishes cooked with regional ingredients, at reasonable prices. If you go during lunch, I highly recommend their chicken pizzaiola.

        1. Machiavelli on Capital Hill is fantastic, and fun.

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            Oh man, try Mondello in Magnolia. It's got great ambiance and they make all thier own pastas fresh daily. It's small and Southern Italian inspired. Live jazz guitar on tuesdays and thursdays too.