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Oct 9, 2007 12:23 PM

Very Unique Wine List at Insieme (NYC)

Thought this crew might enjoy a peek at the wine list at Insieme. This definitely falls into the offbeat and adventurous category, with many many obscure varietals and not too many well-known producers. It's narrated by the sommelier, Paul Grieco, with comments on everything from Campania to Britney Spears.

I'm dining there tonight, so any bottle recommendations are welcome.

Linked here: (PDF)

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  1. Great list! So many to choose from, but one that I have really enjoyed in the past is the 2000 Carema Etichetta Nera Nebbiolo from Ferrando.

    1. Great list and a very entertaining read. When you have the chance check out their other list at Hearth (


      We very much enjoyed the 1999 Oliver Conti from Costa Brava.

      1. Interesting list, but there are a lot of HUGELY expensive markups . . . .

        Wines with a retail price of $30 (meaning $20 @ wholesale) are on the list for $81.00 ?!?!?!? Wines with a $10 retail for $25 ?!?!?!? With a $45 retail are $105 . . .

        Vintage Porto that cost $17.30/ounce (at retail) sells for $198 for THREE ounces???

        * * * *

        But I agree it IS a very interesting list.

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          Interesting. I wasn't picking up the tab so didn't pay as much attention to that. :) But 250% markup isn't that nuts, is it? I see it fairly frequently in NYC anyway.

          Chowcito, Hearth is one of my favorite restaurants! I chose Insieme because I knew it was the same owners. Agree that their wine list is also very good.

          I gave the sommelier a $50 per bottle price point and asked him to please keep it interesting. Here's what we ended up with:

          2003 Domaine de L'Hortus Vin du Pays du Val de Montferrand
          A bit oaky for my tastes at first, but went beautifully with a lobster dish. Smoky and fruity with the viognier dominating and the roussane smoothing it out.

          2004 Vatistas Monemvasia
          Wow, greek wine has really come a long way, hasn't it? This was a really delightful light, racy and minerally wine with honey and apple notes. Drank like a Loire Chenin Blanc.

          2003 Ramnista Kir Yianni
          Another Greek. A little like a zinfandel, but quieter and more earthy -- cherry and black pepper notes. Not that exciting, but respectable.

          2002 Casa Vecchia Vestini Campagnano Campania
          My favorite of the evening. Blackberry, barnyard, leather and spice. Sort of a baby Barolo.

          2001 Chateau Soucherie Coteaux du Layon Beaulieu
          Not as good as the Quarts du Chaume I had a few weeks ago, but in the same neighborhood. Sweet dessert wine with good acidity and herbal notes on the finish.

          Overall, I thought he did a great job. I'd definitely recommend dropping by. Food was also quite good.

          1. re: oolah

            Here in Miami 2.5x markup over retail would almost qualify as reasonable as well. It used to be 2x was the norm, but now that seems like a bargain. I consider 2x is very fair, and anything over 3x a ripoff, so 2.5x is within range with what I'm growing accustomed to.

        2. I just waded a few pages in, but the Victory Storm King Imperial Stout caught my eye :)... one of the better stouts out there, especially if on tap (it's in bottle unfortunately)....

          Another thing... watch your vintages with this and ALL lists.... there's some great bottles on here, I saw the Albert Mann Furstentum Vineyard Gewurztraminer, for example.... It's from a "fair" year in Alsace (2005), but nothing to compare to the 98, 2000, and '01 vintages, IMO.

          1. GREAT list, and very well thought out... But also very expensive. At least by SF standards. Maybe not by NY standards.

            I'd be interested in knowing what you picked, but I probably would have gone for one of the L'Insieme s. I've never had one but have heard good things, and those are pretty well priced relative to the rest of the list...

            The Peay Syrah would also be a good choice.

            Actually, if I was going with a white first (which I would proabbly do) I might immediately have asked for the 2001 Produttori del Barbaresco 'Ovello' Barbaresco to go immediately into a decanter...

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            1. re: whiner

              Another list favoring less troden wine paths is A Cote's in the east bay. With few entries, at lowish prices it, covers a lot of turf. Even has a pinot noir.