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Oct 9, 2007 12:08 PM

Venice wine shops

We're going on a cruise and I want to bring prosecco and champagne on board. I did a search and found this info on Enoteca Cantinone, but I want to be armed with more possibilities in case this one's closed or I get lost. :D TIA.

"Enoteca Cantinone Gia Schiavi di Gastaldi Lino (its address is 992 Dorsoduro, which doesn't mean much, but is near the Peggy Guggenheim collection on a fairly major Canal)."

"You'll find the place just SW of the Accademia bridge. Go in the afternoon with an appetite and you will not be disappointed because they have outstanding wine by the glass and cicchetti as well."

"Enoteca Cantinone serves various crostini for 1,00 each, as well as a number of glasses of wine. (A small glass, called "un 'ombra" in Venetian, costs less than a euro.) Several of the crostini were fantastic, including the bacala mantecata, the runny mozzarella with pickled endive, and the uova e crema tartufo - or egg and truffle cream. My wife and I had three glasses of wine (bicchieri) each, two spritz, and about 10 crostini for about 22 euros. It's also an amazing wine store to boot - the bathroom is a bit on the sketchy side, though..."

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  1. Just got back from Venice. There's a very good wine shop just around the corner from the Rialto bridge. I don't remember the name of it. If you're crossing the bridge in the direction of St. Mark's square, you make an immediate left after the bridge and you'll bump into it. If you do a brief canvass of that area, you can't miss it.

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        Probably Muscara. The wine selection is hidden in the back behind masses of candies, spices, etc. I found them very helpful and they wrap things up quite nicely. Right by Do Mori so you can stop in there for a wine and a snack (I'd recommend the poppetti di carne there and the sandwiches).

        I never bought bottled wine (or had a water bottle filled for that matter) at Schiavi but they also have a very good selection. A bit cool now, I guess, very pleasant to stand outside by the bridge sipping and eating. Love the baccala mantecato and the mortadella with onions there,

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          Oops. I misread the original poster's post. I think I know the place on the San Marco side of the bridge that is meant but Muscara is in the S. Polo side. Know it better than the other or, at least as a wine shop rather than a bar, Schiave but all three are good, and you can also get decent wine in supermarkets in Venice. Never enthusiastic about the bulk wine from my local cantina for drinking but it was fine and cheap for cooking.

      2. Unless you are looking for a special brand or bottle of wine, you should find plenty of wine shops & grocery stores all over Venice where you can buy a bottle of prosecco and/or champagne. Be aware that the Franciacorta region of Italy (near Brescia) produces a sparkling wine that is made in the manner of French champagne and is a much more subtantial wine than prosecco. Ca' del Bosco and Bellavista are two of the best known producers of Franciacorta.

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          Oh! That's even better!!! Thanks :D