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Oct 9, 2007 11:28 AM

West Village Best to Make Boyfriend Want to Move to NYC

My boyfriend is visiting this weekend from CA, and I am trying to wow him with the city’s restaurants to make him move here. I live on the Upper East Side but I want him to experience more than my neighborhood. I was thinking of taking him down to the West Village as a an interesting, beautiful, fun and different destination for dinner.
I tried to get a reservation at Little Owl, which would have been my ideal choice, but it was booked for this weekend. I am looking for a combination of great atmosphere (that would make our trip downtown worth it) and great food. I was thinking of Extra Virgin because it has the type of pretty, romantic and downtown atmosphere I am going for. I would also be open to other neighborhoods. I do not want Asian food and our price point is not really an issue. Thoughts?

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  1. August and Snack Taverna--in the same vein and size as Little Owl.

    1. In WV, Blue Hill has great food/service in an attractive room and you can get reservations. Elsewhere, how about Red Cat, Prune, or even Eleven Madison Park?

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      1. re: Mandymac

        I don't think most people would be convinced to move to NYC after eating at Red Cat. Not that it's bad, just nothing special.

        1. re: Mandymac

          I was actually thinking of Eleven Madison Park for my anniversary in Nov. I have never been, but have heard great things about the room and the food.

        2. Wallse is on the top of my list to go to for the West Village.
          I think I'm the only person that didn't love August.
          Again, my favorite restaurants is Mas (farmhouse).

          For a bar: the Spotted Pig,

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            I second Wallse, and also liked Mas, though I've not been for awhile.

              1. re: ellenost

                Wallse for me too...great food in a very NY space. If you want to mix it up a little, you could go to Perry Street for drinks at sunset-the light in that space is amazing at that time of day-and the building was designed by Richard Meier, who designed the Getty Museum, so he'll feel at home (if he's from LA).

            1. re: doona

              I agree. I think August is underwhelming. I would add Perry Street to the mix.

            2. Little Owl keeps a few two top tables for walk-ins. You could head to the WV a little early, put your name in (they will call you when the table is ready) and head to a nearby place such as Employees Only, Little Branch, Lela wine bar or The Other Room for a drink while you wait.

              Other suggestions in the West Village would be August, Provence and Le Gigot.

              1. Went to Extra Virgin last weekend and had a fantastic meal. Great hood to walk around is afterwards.