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Oct 9, 2007 10:55 AM

Spanish paprika - where do you buy? (PHX)

I see there are plenty of online stores that sell both Spanish and Hungarian sweet and smoked paprika. That said, where do you buy it locally? I've been cutting corners using regular paprika and adding some heat w/cayenne, but I'd like to try the real thing. Thanks!

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  1. do you have Williams Sonoma nearby ? i bought spanish paprika there. btw the one in michigan

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    1. I bought some really nice Spanish Paprika at Sur La Table(Chandler) last week. Opening the can is just intoxicating the aroma is so wonderful.

      Penzey's also sells it...probably much cheaper. Haven't used theirs but have never been disappointed by anything at Penzey's.

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        I've actually never been to Penzey's, so thanks for that rec. Their website lists it, and it's very reasonable! $3.99 1/2 c jar.

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          Penzey's is great. They're a company based out of Wisconsin and I used to go to the one on Grand Ave. in St. Paul, MN all the time. We always have the double-strength vanilla on hand, and any number of other things. Definitely give it a try - the smell when you walk in is intoxicating.

        2. re: ziggylu

          I picked some up (along with a severalother things I didn't REALLY need) at Penzey's on Sunday, and used it last night. It was fan----tastic!

        3. I wonder if AJ's might have it? I get mine at the Spanish Table in Berkeley--they sell a variety of types and sizes through their online store too. I notice that they don't have the sweet unsmoked listed, though...hmmm...