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Oct 9, 2007 10:54 AM

Monteverde - reports?

I discovered Monteverde while looking for a venue for my wedding, and while I am only going to rent the space (not using their catering), I'm headed over there again to have a second look and am wondering if staying for dinner is worth the $$$$. Has anyone eaten here recently? Dishes to order/avoid?

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  1. Haven't been there for ages, but have been meaning to try it again since reading this review in Crain's NY Business:

    If you go, let us know...

    Nancy C

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      Going to a bat mitzvah there this weekend...will let you know Sunday or Monday how it went. Kind of excited, I heard they revamped and have new kitchen, front-of-house staff, etc. Promise to keep you posted. Believe me, if its the same run of the mill schlock you get everywhere else I will let you know that too!

    2. Our experience last weekend at Monteverde was spectacular. The food was very innovative and delicious, from appetizers to an outrageous present shaped bat mitzvah cake, the service was impeccable, friendly knowledgeable courteous staff. The decor was wonderful (not sure if they used an outside florist or their own) I would rate this place up there, if not better than other parties we have been to at places like Tappan Hill or Glen Island. Definitely a more unique atmosphere and setting than your run-of-the-mill catering places all over town

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        Glad to hear it's doing better, it's a beautiful place. I went about a year ago and was not as impressed but I think they may have been in transition at the time. I also think they were focusing to much on their spa instead of their restaurant and sadly because of that it got a bad rap. It sounds like they have learned to balance both now so I will give it another try. Thanks for the update.

      2. It gets an excellent in today's NY Times.

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          MisterBill2, This spot is becoming quite a destination again, however just noticed by cooincidence that the same developer-owner, the same chef etc. are also being touted by Adam Platt in New York Magazine (Nov. 19th) for their new restaurant Allen & Delancey on the lower east side of Manhattan. Should be fun watching them make their miraculous appearances in each spot...Would like to try them both though...

        2. The original comment has been removed