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Oct 9, 2007 10:52 AM

lunch that won't go bad for 3 weeks!

Hey all,

we are responsible for feeding 13 people for one day of a river trip. Unfortunately, the food has to be packed three weeks in advance. There will be coolers with ice, but I'm still concerned about most lunch meats and breads being able to last that long. any suggestions?

For breakfast we are serving chilaquiles, and dinner will be noodles and peanut sauce using frozen bagged veggies and canned chicken.

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  1. My longest backpacking trip was 19 days. Crackers, Italian Dry Salami, Dry Monterey Jack Cheese, Trail Mix, Beef Jerky, other cheeses as long as they are "drier" such as swiss and cheddar, you may get mold, I did, but would cut the mold off.

    For Crackers, I liked Pilot Bread. Pilot Bread used to be served on ships (in the 1800s), needs no special handling, only that it be kept dry. I used to find it at major supermarkets, but lately I can only find it at stores that carry Hawaiian Foods. Pilot Bread can be heated over a campfire, use indirect heat, not direct flames. Take a pilot cracker, top with ketchup, small chunks of salami and cheese and one has sort of a pizza. Other crackers are the usual supermarket ones: triscuits, wheat thins, Carrs, etc. A pilot bread/cracker is ~4-5" in diameter, maybe 1/3" thick.

    If you want to make cheesecake, try Royal No Bake Cheese Cake and bring a container of your favorate jam/preserves. I would pack both jam and peanut butter (seperately) in the fill your self tubes, they are similar to toothpaste tubes but larger.

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      IIRC, the cheese cake needs butter or margarine for the crust, I used a brand of margarine I don't remember, but it came in a yellow plastic squeeze bottle.

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        Thanks for the ideas Alan. I do a lot of backpacking, but was hoping to avoid the cheese and crackers route for a river trip, since they tend to be a bit more cushy. I'm going to take your idea and dress it up slightly for pseudo-muffaletta sandwiches. The olive salad should last without any problems, as should the salami. Now I just need to find some hermetically sealed, preservative-laden ham and provolone to round it out!
        Happy trails!

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          could use pitas for your stuff above, too. they should stay fine (esp if not put in the sun) and are squishable. since you have meat for breakfast & lunch why not make a beany spread for lunch? in fact, you can get just add water hummus mix at the generic grocery across from my house (in bulk even!) - maybe you'll be that lucky.

    2. not sure what cooking options you will have, if you have simple boiling then
      - quinoa and lentil salad (the vinegrette deconstructed should be okay for 3 weeks)
      - some kind of potbread would work too, if you had a fire.