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Using Chicken salad

Made some chicken salad with a southwest accent this morning. Planning to use for dinner tonight. Am bored with sandwiches and putting over mixed greens. Any ideas besides stuffing in a tomato?

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  1. Serve it over a pineapple half.

    1. why not add cooked pasta and greens for a pasta salad with greens.

      1. Can you get to the store? Get a roll of Pillsbury crescent rolls. Separate them into four squares (instead of eight triangles), pinching the two triangles together so they're sealed. Put a dollop of chicken salad in the middle and then fold all four sides up, twisting the excess crescent roll at the top.

        Bake these until they're browned and cooked. I've never done it with a southwest-flavored chicken salad, but am sure it would be wonderful. Maybe dust the top of the packets with some chili powder before baking to tie it all together?

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          I do this too, but add cream cheese to the chicken, and dip the pastry in melted butter and parsley before baking.

        2. Stuffing it in endive spears.

          1. Thanks for the ideas! I'm definitely going to keep them in mind since...:

            I had to go to work and when I got home wasn't inspired for a cold dinner...so I used the chicken salad to make sandwiches for tomorrow and tossed some pasta with black pepper and parmesan instead.

            1. Make an omelette.

              Heat it up; layer mexican rice, beans, fajita veggies, chicken salad, salsa, and broil cheese on top, then top with sour cream.

              Fill a burrito or quesadilla.

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              1. I made a ton of chicken salad the other day, and since my husband caught me putting honey in it last time, I found it really bland with just salt and pepper. So I took a little for myself and mixed with ginger chutney (you could use anything like that, maybe even orange marmalade?) and then put some curry powder in it too, and all of a sudden I had a gourmet lunch! I usually make a curried chicken sald with coconut milk, raisins, grapes, lots of stuff; but this was quick and easy.

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                  I always use my mother's recipe for chicken and turkey salad: Salt, freshly ground black pepper, finely diced onion, garlic powder, some dried basil, and finely diced green pepper and/or celery if I have it and a quality mayonnaise. I once brought a couple of turkey salad sandwiches to work after Thanksgiving and a co-worker said, "I HATE mayonnaise but that was the best damned sandwich I have ever had!" (Possibly an exaggeration, but she inhaled it.)

                  You could certainly add a sprinkle of curry powder, some diced apple, or raisins, etc. to jazz it up, but I like it our "traditional way", served on toasted bread.

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                    Sounds different, but if I had chicken salad with onion, green peppers and garlic, my stomach would hurt all afternoon. Wish I had a stonger stomach! For some reason spicy things don't bother me as much, so to each his own. To me perfect is salt, white pepper and drizzle of honey with chopped celery. If I'm not making a sandwich, then I jazz it up a bit.

                2. Stuff it in an avocado!