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Oct 9, 2007 10:16 AM


No, I don't live in PA but I am 5 minutes from border, at route 202 and route 92, here in Delaware. . Looking for a decent Diner within 5-10 miles . There are no decent diners here! Need a Diner with good food, large portions, good service and a clean environment!

Thanks for any advice !!

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  1. You could try Hank's Place, in Chadds Ford on Rte. 1, a couple miles west of the 202/Rt.1 intersection. I don't remember much about the portion size but the food was good.

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    1. re: Buckethead

      I'll second that! Their dinners and desserts are awesome. Only had breakfast there once a long time ago so I don't remember. It does get crowded though and it is cash only.

      1. re: justkim427

        I'll back you up on the Hank's recommendation. They have very good home-style food at a fair price. They do a roasted chicken with mashed potatoes dinner for around $8.00. You're not going to get fancy food, but there's plenty on your plate and it tastes like mom or grandma' cooked it up.

        If you're willing to travel a few extra miles, head up the Blue Route and get off at the Newtown Square exit. Make a left and a few miles down the road you'll hit their diner on the other side of the road. Been a while since I've eaten there, but I remember the food being excellent. Try the Monte Cristo.

        You could also check out the Marcus Hook Diner which sits right next to the library. If you go during the holidays, you can go right around the corner and see the Marcus Hook Christmas Lights display down along the Delaware River.

    2. Sorry ... there's no such thing as a "decent diner" anywhere the area. As for Hank's Place, last time I was there it was little more than a smoke-filled, greasy spoon kinda place. If you're up for Italian food, a short drive north of Rt. 1 on Rt. 202 will bring you to Enzo's. It's small and often crowded, but you'll get huge portions of decent food at good prices.

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        Gee, things must have changed at Hank's Place. I had dinner there a few years back and thought it was terrific. Would have returned if I lived a lot closer.

      2. We go to Hanks often and we like it very much. Everyone there seems happy with food, and it is not smoke filled.

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        1. re: Difromphilly

          It's been several years since I've been to Hanks, but my visit there left me with such a negative impression that I never had a reason to revisit. When I pass by on a Sunday morning and see people waiting on the outside porch for a table, I'm always amazed.

        2. Well, guess it will be Olive Garden tonight. The large chain restaurants, take over again, here on 202!!! Please, someone out there build me a nice diner.

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            Cindy you must have been there before 1992 then. Hanks has always been a non smoking diner since the 1992. I have been going since i was 2 and I currently work there, and tend to get dinner after football or swimming. Meals are on average $10... Its not the best food in the world but it is better then the other things around Chadds ford. If you are looking for a nice dinner around the area there is the Dilworthtown, Mendenhall, and Brandywine prime.

            1. re: mushumatt

              He was looking for a nice diner, not dinner. But that's ok.

              I've been to Lucky's a few times now and it pretty much fills the bill as a nice dinerish place with decent food. Bright, airy Googie coffeshop style is a far cry from the old dank, dark Ranch House.

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                My last visit to Hank's very well could have been pre-1992. Tell me honestly, now -- is there a compelling reason why I should re-visit? When you say Hank's is "better than the other things around Chadds Ford," I'm wondering which other places you might be thinking of -- Wawa, maybe? Or are you thinking about B'wine Prime, the Gables, or the CF Tavern? Where else is there to eat in Chadds Ford?

            2. The original comment has been removed